Rep. Massie: Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate is Illegal, Unscientific, and Hurtful

Biden’s mandate is illegal. In fact, he knows he does not have the authority to force anybody to take the vaccine. That’s why he’s trying to convolute the situation by inserting an administrative agency and an employer between himself and the people forced to take the vaccine. But doing that does not make his action legal.

The vaccine mandate is unscientific because it does not appear to recognize natural immunity due to prior infection. Studies show that a person with natural immunity has twenty-seven times greater protection than the protection gained by someone who has received two doses of the vaccine. Suppose someone has better protection from natural immunity acquired from a prior infection. Why should that person be forced to accept the risk of developing a condition like myocarditis from the vaccine?

Finally, Biden’s mandate is hurtful. It is a war on women, particularly working women of childbearing age because they will be disproportionately affected by his mandate. Many women will choose to leave their professions instead of receiving the vaccine, which will hurt the economy.


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