Steve Quayle almost died; Russ Dizdar has

Steve Quayle almost died, and Russ Dizdar has! Probably wasn’t taking enough vitamin D3, explained below.

Both are outspoken truthers who have exposed the NWO for many years. Russ Dizdar is an expert on Satanic ritual abuse. I haven’t listened to Steve for awhile because his material is mostly now subscription only.

I do subscribe to hear Joel Skousen, who is *much* more careful in his analysis, has a stellar track record compared to Quayle (and Mike Adams too). Quayle is interesting though, I used to listen to him a lot.

Steve likely wasn’t taking enough vitamin D. If anyone knows how much he was taking and what brand, I’d be interested. It’s impossible to get the cytokine storm lung issue when blood levels are above 50 ng/ml. Everyone should be tested. Much more important than Ivermectin, which Steve found out didn’t work well enough.

Most people should be taking 10,000 iu of a good brand of D3 daily; more if obese. 60-80 ng/ml is optimum, and 80-100 ng/ml is ultimate.

Update on Steve Quayle

Oct 23, 2021

Full video here:… Update on Steve Quayle. It appears there was an attempt on his life from the “bad guys”. Please continue to pray for Steve. We also lost Rob Skiba and Russ Dizdar to this apparent attack. They were on the “list” Steve mentions.

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