Anchorage survey: Vaccinated catching Covid more than unvaxxed — Majority seeking MAB are vaxxed


Anchorage survey shows the vaccinated are catching Covid, and breakthrough is not as rare as official sources report

WEKA, which operates a monoclonal antibody infusion center at the former Golden Lion Hotel on 36th Avenue, has been open since early October, and has been collecting voluntary data from Covid patients who have received the treatment and are offered a survey.

To date, the survey suggests that a majority of people coming into the center for the treatment have already been vaccinated for Covid-19, and yet have become infected and are checking in for the treatment, the goal of which is to help prevent hospitalizations, reduce viral loads, and lessen symptom severity.

According to information obtained by Must Read Alaska, out of 235 patients who took the post-therapy WEKA survey, 197 had never had Covid-19 prior to the infection that led them to the WEKA center.

The takeaway is that of the 237 people who were treated for Covid with MAB, 135 were vaccinated (109 of which were vaccinated twice), and only 65-89 were unvaccinated. The conclusion may be that the pandemic is not among the unvaccinated, as President Biden claims.


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