Why US Blacks 2X more likely to die of Covid than whites – Severe vitamin D deficiency 15 to 20X higher – Fauci silent!

From: VitaminDWiki.com (bracketed text added) — “Black Patients Matter”: US Blacks 2X more likely to die of COVID-19 than whites – Sept 29, 2021

Black Patients Matter. Here’s How to Help Newsweek – Sept 2021

“African Americans were 2.8 times more likely than white Americans to be hospitalized due to COVID-19,
and twice as likely to die from it.”

[Newsweek then acknowledges vitamin D absorption as a factor, but it’s by far the main factor.

“Some of this difference is attributed to factors beyond our control such as differences in vitamin D absorption.”

They cite this studyDoes the High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in African Americans Contribute to Health Disparities? (full text), which states:

African Americans have higher incidence of, and mortality from, many health-related problems than European Americans. They also have a 15 to 20-fold higher prevalence of severe vitamin D deficiency. Here we summarize evidence that: (i) this health disparity is partly due to insufficient vitamin D production, caused by melanin in the skin blocking the UVB solar radiation necessary for its synthesis….]

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Whites with the low vitamin D as blacks die at the same increased rate – 2010

DEATHS Black vs White
16 vs 26 ng/ml
breast cancer 1.34 1.26
colorectal cancer 1.43 1.44
cardiovascular disease 1.29 1.27
all-cause mortality 1.26 1.26


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