Study: How tooth decay due to vitamin D deficiency came to be treated with Fluoride

How a Nutritional Deficiency Became Treated with Fluoride

Nutrients 2021, 13(12), 4361;
by Philippe P. Hujoel 1,2

Press release for the study

How Organized Dentistry Began Treating Vitamin D Deficiency with Fluoride, Researcher Reveals

  • “After 77 years of water fluoridation, intending to dramatically reduce tooth decay, 70% of US children are fluoride-overdosed, afflicted with dental fluorosis (discolored teeth). Yet, tooth decay is epidemic. Like all drugs, fluoride has adverse side effects.”
  • “”It did not matter that the professional organization had a self-evident conflict of interest; topical fluoride applications in dental offices were revenue-generating procedures, vitamin D prescriptions were not,” writes Hujoel.”


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