Skousen: Ukraine – Why are Many Conservatives Defending Putin? — Putin is fighting Western globalism because he’s intending on replacing them with his own Russian form of NWO control—not liberty

World Affairs Brief, March 4, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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I am amazed and saddened at the amount of bad analysis coming out of political commentators on the Right defending Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as if it were all the globalist’s fault for taking advantage of Ukraine’s historic levels of corruption to interfere with Putin’s claimed interest in protecting the Russian people in Eastern Ukraine. When globalist George Soros and the mainstream media came out this week in support of Ukraine , many called this “proof” that Ukraine must be a globalist operation and that Putin must be helping the anti-globalist cause by invading. Conservative Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers even claimed in a recent speech that Zelensky was a “globalist puppet” for George Soros and the Clintons, and calling for “communist” legislators supporting these traitorous policies to be publicly hanged, which got her censured by her Senate colleagues . She, along with many other patriotic conservatives who see communists within BLM and Antifa supported by Soros and the mainstream media, make the mistake of thinking they are all a bunch of communists. They fail to realize that most of the worst politicians are not communists but globalists who are using communists to break down America so they can come in with their more deceptive form of socialism as a “solution.” Their false solution will be to still talk up freedom and rights, but push for overwhelming regulations in what is called Fabian socialism—“You own it, but we control it.

Most of the mainstream legislators who are compromising and going along with bad policies are not knowing conspirators either with communists or globalists, but simply weak politicians seeking to staying within the mainstream, as set by the drumbeat of the media which they know can destroy them if they stray. They see how the media is demonizing AZ Sen Rogers for speaking to a politically incorrect group and making unwise claims, and they all shrink back from any association with this and other hardline conservatives.

It is true that the globalists have given false promises to Russia that they will not try to expand NATO. And they promised to protect Ukraine if it gave up its nuclear weapons—a promise we now see they had no intention of keeping. It’s true that the West has given billions to influence the former Soviet states and their politicians, but it’s a pittance compared to the sophistication of Russian influence and corruption in those same states. These misguided conservatives don’t have a clue about how sophisticated both the Russians and the Anglo-American globalists are in their hidden intentions and provocations, playing both sides of every issue, controlling opposition parties, creating Neo-Nazi politicians to blacken the opposition and even creating false flag attacks. To only see the evil in our own globalist Deep State is very naive.

Sadly, many on the Right are so intense about attacking neocons and globalists that they mistakenly think Putin is their friend. They don’t realize that Putin is fighting Western globalism because he’s intending on replacing them with his own Russian form of NWO control—not liberty. And don’t be deceived by Putin’s playing up to Orthodox Christians in Russia, building new Churches and feigning Christian devotion in order to gain favor with religious Russians. He’s no more a Christian than Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. No one gets to be a KGB colonel who’s a sincere Christian. Both Putin and globalist leaders are masters of deceit.

Sadly, my good libertarian friend Dr. Ron Paul may have unwittingly started this line of thinking years ago. So intense was he in fighting against the false wars of neocon intervention in the Middle East that he came to believe that anyone the globalists are against must be good. To this day, he still doesn’t see that Russia and China are our mortal enemies. They are. You have to look past the complexities of this Ukraine intervention and watch the bigger picture—the building of massive armaments and weapons of mass destruction—especially nuclear. These are not defensive weapons nor are they for defensive purposes. They are both intending to strike the West when they are strong enough.

This week, I will detail the mistakes in assumptions and judgment these conservative commentators make in defending Russia and blaming it all on the globalists.

Their first big mistake, and the key I use to tell if they really know what they are talking about, is whether or not they see that the fall of the Soviet Union was a carefully crafted deception . The Communists gave orders to let the protests in Eastern Europe go forward unmolested by the Stazi. They gave orders to Erik Honeker to allow the Berlin wall to be torn down. They gave orders to the various dictators in the Soviet states to flee or resign. They faked the failed KGB coup to capture Gorbachev in his undefended villa, which supposedly caused the heads of the Defense Department, KGB, and GRU to flee for their lives? If they truly were the heads of all police and military forces, who were they fleeing from? Why didn’t others ask this key question?

Any second rate commentator should have been able to see through these holes in the establishment narrative. The student protestors in Moscow and Germany certainly were asking themselves, “Where are the KGB and the Stazi who are usually shadowing our every move? And why aren’t they arresting us?”

But the globalist players in politics and the mainstream media went along with it for their own reasons—knowing that the Soviets were faking their collapse so they could get aid and trade from the West, to rebuild their sagging economies and military industrial complex. Only myself and the late Christopher Storey in the UK blew the whistle on this phony fall at the time.

The second major sign of gross ignorance in virtually all these conservative pro-Putin defenders is their citing the 2014 Maidan “color revolution” or coup against a “duly elected Ukrainian president” as a CIA coup, justifying Russian intervention.

People send me articles and videos they think are truthful, such as this Pete Santilli video . So I’ll begin my critique here of our side’s bad analysis. Santilli begins by reciting all the video clips showing snippets of Western aid, political influence and training in Ukraine to create a false claim that this was a CIA coup in 2014. If you read my World Affairs Brief at the time, I have no doubt that some Western money made it into the Maidan protestors, but there is no proof to his statement that the CIA provided the tires to burn, and I covered the role of the snipers in exacerbating tensions.

There are Russian and Ukrainian Deep State sniper forces in Ukraine, and for Westerners, it’s almost impossible to tell who is who, because in Ukraine you have a huge amount of leftover Deep State corruption by Russia and corrupt Ukrainians formerly associated with the Soviet communists.

You will note that Santilli left out two very crucial pieces of information that blows apart his narrative of this being a CIA coup. One, the role that Putin and Russia have had in controlling all political candidates pretending to be pro-Ukraine, like Timoshenko and Poroshenko, as well as creating false right-wing political parties with Neo Nazis. As I said in former briefings, all Neo Nazis are creations of government nowadays, both in the East and the West. Russia does it too, so the presence of Neo-Nazis is not proof of Western influence. It’s their favorite tactic to demonize real conservatives.

But the crucial part that Santilli missed which condemns his entire narrative of blaming the West for the coup is that the president in 2014 was Victor Yanukovitch, an open ally of Putin and a communist, and that the only reason the Maidan revolution “appeared to win” was that the Berkut, the riot police, which all during the protests had surrounded the Maidan square and kept the demonstrators penned in, were given orders to stay in their barracks on that Friday in February 2014, when protestors burst out to occupy the now unguarded president’s palace.

That’s why the protestors had their run of the governmental buildings on Friday and Saturday. Only Yanukovitch could have given those orders since the Berkut worked for the president, not the CIA or any opposition party. And Saturday’s flight by Yanukovitch, claiming he was fleeing for his life, was faked as well—all to further the false narrative that the protest had been successful, paving the way for Petro Poroshenko to take over, who was yet another phony patriot oligarch, secretly allied with Putin. In short, the Maidan “coup” was as phony as the fall of the Soviet Union. …

Here is the bottom line: Both Russia and the Western Globalists are intervening and trying to control politicians in post-Soviet countries with money, corruption, influence and bribes. But citing how much money the West drops in Ukraine is irrelevant without knowing how much Russia injects (which we will never know), and without looking at the actual mechanism of power used in executing the final hours of the coup . Obviously, the communist-led government in Ukraine giving orders to put the Berkut and police on stand-down was the crucial key to the so-called “coup” succeeding in 2014. In the end, it was the only thing that determined the outcome. So, I can only conclude it was a fake coup to bring to power the appearance of a pro-Ukraine puppet (Poroshenko) who immediately preceded to antagonize the Russian sector of Eastern Ukraine and pave the way for Russian intervention.

So, we must be careful as we watch our own globalist Deep State’s evil moves, that we don’t buy into this ignorant wave of bad analysis from our own side, trying to blame everything on the globalists (who always have a role) and exonerate or partially excuse Putin’s intervention. His intervention has nothing to do with his stated excuses of protecting the Russians he put into Eastern Ukraine. That’s the decades old strategy the Russians did in preparation for the phony fall of the Soviet Union when Russians were forcibly relocated into the Baltic states, for example, giving them the excuse to come back later and retake these countries when conflict is created as they are doing now in Ukraine.

Right wing pundits are also being corralled into stories about financial corruption with the current president, such as this racy story :

More than a billion dollars are held in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s accounts abroad. This was announced by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva.

According to him, Zelensky has accumulated $1.2 billion in the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica during the two and a half years of his presidency. This money was transferred to the president by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, Igor Kolomoisky. As Kiva noted, replenishment is done regularly, in tranches of $12 million to $35 million. And they go through banks like First Union Bank, Deutsche Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris. According to the deputy, the movement of such funds would be impossible without the control of the authorities of Germany and France.

But just accounts, as Kiva pointed out, the matter was not limited. Zelensky managed to buy a villa in Miami for $34 million, as well as several sets of jewelry for $5.6 million.

This claim is attributed to an “opposition party” to Zelensky, but it’s actually a Russian source . I responded to the person who sent it to me that,

“You are too eager to believe too-good-to-be- true sources. The source of these monetary claims is from Russia, not Ukraine. More importantly, no opposition party or private party for that matter could know this kind of information , especially when money is laundered through oligarchs or for jewelry purchases. Only government intel services have this kind of power to trace these kinds of detailed financial transactions across the world. This is either manufactured out of whole cloth or it comes from government tracking of an oligarch’s transfer of money and attaching it to Zelensky. Sadly, it’s impossible for any of us to verify which, but I find it completely suspect. It claims too much that non-governmental actors can never know.”

Let me further comment about financial corruption in the former Soviet States. Even after the phony fall, there was no purge of communists from bureaucracies similar to the allies purging the NAZIs from all participation in the German bureaucracies. Even after the “fall” of the iron curtain, almost all Communists in these countries retained their positions, and continued to exact bribes to get things done. Top leaders enriched themselves by getting “loans” from the former communist state banks so they could buy up on the cheap whole industries and become this new breed of “oligarchs.”

As I said previously, the Soviets even prepared phony pro-Western leaders to assume leadership positions after the Communist dictators were told to step down, like Lech Walenski in Poland and Vaclav Havel in Czechoslovakia (both secret Soviet agents). Over time, when people in these nations elect someone who isn’t a controlled puppet of Moscow, he or she still has to deal with the embedded Deep State of communists still working behind the scenes.

This, I believe, is what Zelensky is having to deal with. No president is able to ferret out and remove all the former and still-secret communists lurking behind the walls of bureaucracy. So the Biden’s were able to make lucrative deals with Burisma, but that doesn’t mean Zelensky was a part of it. In fact, there is every indication that he and some of his administration tried to expose those who did deal with Biden, but the US covered for Biden and blocked Zelensky’s release of incriminating evidence. So, once again, readers have to be very wary of right-wing pundits painting Zelensky with the same broad brush of corruption. Zelensky himself can’t control it in Ukraine.

It’s is also true that the US has run bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, as well as other post-Soviet states such as Romania. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva , the courageous Romanian woman journalist details all the Pentagon bio-weapons sites in Eastern Europe here . The US does this to hide its illegal bio-weapons programs. But Putin didn’t use this as one of his excuses to invade. Russia has its illegal bio-weapon labs too, deep within Siberia, which the US knows about. So, Putin doesn’t blow the whistle on the US and we don’t blow the whistle on him.

Now, let me cover a few other pieces of bad analysis, some from suspicious commentators on mainstream news like Fox. Former Rep Trey Gowdy interviewed Col. Doug McGregor (Ret.) who is particularly obnoxious in his call for Ukraine to give in to Russia. …

This is a a denial of Russia’s World War III objectives, which is clearly what his massive rearmament with weapons of mass destruction is all about. Putin is an existential threat to the US, and his statement about Russia’s army being too small is pure disinformation. But apparently, even Gen. Mike Flynn (who thinks the same thing) was subject to this same kind of garbage intel the Pentagon has been spreading in National War college courses for years.

Russia’s nuclear forces, especially modern ICBM’s with 15 warheads are far more numerous and technologically superior to our puny 400+ Minuteman missiles from the 1950s that have had their warheads reduced from 3 to 1. Russia has thousands of warheads, now being upgraded to the hypersonic, maneuvering variety that can’t be stopped by our limited ABM forces. …

Finally, the last piece of terrible analysis comes from Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, who is usually pretty good when he sticks to economics. But he is way off base here , where he claims we are in the beginning stages of WWIII. That may be true, but he doesn’t have a clue about the complexity of how that will come about.

There are so many errors in his piece, I don’t have time to go through them all, but it’s clear that he too has bought into the wave of right wing analysis that is still trying to blame everything on our own globalists and exonerate Putin for this invasion.

For example, he says we are “messing with Putin” inferring that he’s some sort of victim. We Are NOT messing with Putin in any serious way. We are not intervening at all to stop him, especially at first when NATO put forth only a few token thousand troops and some aircraft on NATO’s eastern border, which gave Putin a subtle green light.

Only after the invasion started, has the West done some serious damage to Russia’s economy and Putin’s personal oligarchs (who give him a cut of their ill-gotten gains), but that’s not meant to stop the war, only to antagonize and created hatred of the West among Russians. This will eventually assist Putin in his rationale of striking the West with nukes in the future. His current move to put his “defensive nukes” (if there is such a thing) on alert is merely saber rattling to give the West one more excuse to not intervene directly.

Next Armstrong accuses the West of forcing Russia and China into implementing Climate Change. We may have tried to persuade both to sign on to the globalist’s suicidal bidding on energy, but there’s certainly been no FORCE. We have no power to force either to do anything.

He further claims that this is the “perfect time for WWIII,” without realizing that Russia and China are not ready yet. I believe it will still be a few more years, and will take a different trigger.

He hears the faint beat of war drums by saying that China has just entered into an ominous agreement with NK. That might be if this were something new, but it isn’t. China has NOT “just” entered into a friendly agreement with NK. The announcement is a diversion from the real truth—that China has always controlled NK and still does. This is more saber rattling as a prelude to China’s invasion of Taiwan, because NK has already threatened to attack S. Korea if the US intervenes and defends Taiwan—which I think is unlikely. If the Koreas did erupt into war, that would be a real trigger event that would likely lead to WWIII—since the US has to intervene in Korea to protect our 47K troops there.

He says that, “NK could start its aggression by 2023 at the latest” Actually, they could do so anytime, but won’t until China is fully ready to back them up and give the go-ahead signal.

“Putin has put his defensive nuclear forces on alert” There are NO Russian defensive nukes. They are all offensive. Nobody in the military expects he’s really going to launch as long as the US does not directly intervene in Ukraine—and even then, only if he’s ready for a full world war.

Armstrong is dead wrong that Putin doesn’t want to destroy Ukraine’s military. Putin has openly claimed he wants Ukraine neutralized with zero military—completely demilitarized. That’s why Ukraine refused Putin’s terms in a negotiated settlement on Monday.

He stupidly compares the US wars in the Middle East that destroyed infrastructure to Putin’s invasion, but they were for two different purposes. The US long-range purpose in attacking civilians unnecessarily was to promote an image of the US as the bully of the world—to help Russia/China justify attacking us someday. Putin doesn’t want that reputation in Ukraine, only a vassal, compliant state. But with civilian deaths rising fast, he’s not going to be able to avoid the hit to his claim and image.

It’s true Putin is sending in first his least lethal military assets, but it’s not because he expects NATO to intervene with their puny deterrent, but because he doesn’t want the US to see his best assets in action. Russia has been eavesdropping on all recent US wars in the Middle East, mapping all our tactics and electronic countermeasures, and doesn’t want the US to do the same.

All his assumptions about Russia entering Syria are wrong, and so is his analysis of Obama’s motives.

Lastly, conservatives make too much out of Putin “ kicking the Rothchilds out ” of Russia with his banking cartels. That had to happen eventually, after accepting Western financial help for so long. And early in the 1990s, some in the Western elite were also allowed to cash in on the bargains to be bought up in the phony fall of the Soviet Union.

But in all this deception, a lot of naive conservatives have long believed that there is only one conspiracy of power in the world, which controls even the Russians and Chinese. The Birch society used to believe this, and that is why they rejected my warnings about WWIII with Russia and China. When they see the Rothchilds and other globalists aiding Russia and China it reinforces this flawed thinking— mistaking aiding communists with controlling communists .

Of course, the Russians and Chinese are going to accept globalist financial help, aid and trade, but anyone who knows the workings inside Russia and China knows that no one controls them but their own internal conspiracies of power. It’s always puzzled the Russians and the Chinese, in explaining why the Anglo-American globalists appear to be such “useful idiots” (as Lenin called them) in giving them aid and trade without much in return for concessions—or how easy it was to make big money deals with people like the Bidens. The globalists don’t mind if their puppets take Chinese money or even if the Chinese think they control the Bidens. They don’t.

In the end game, all this commerce and aid is mostly a one way street—the globalists gradually building future enemies and the communists needing all the help they can get since they can’t innovate fully or rapidly without Western technology.

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