Dr. Berg: 7 Home DIY Tests for Adrenal Fatigue and STRESS — Many people have poor focus and insomnia

2:00 “You may have poor focus, because with the adrenals you’re kind of scattered; you’re all over the place. You’re solving problems 24/7, so it’s very difficult to keep your attention on one thing over a period of time without shifting to another topic. That relates to completing things. …”

8:12 “How well do you sleep? Do you get up specifically around 2AM, then we know cortisol may be involved. Or can you go to sleep, maintain a comfortable sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed? That’s a real good indication to tell you if you have healthy adrenals or not.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue:
• Insomnia
• Dizziness when standing up too fast
• Brain fog
• Low tolerance to stress
• Low libido
• Allergies
• A poor immune system
• Inflammation
• Poor focus

The best home tests for adrenal fatigue (check out the video to learn how to do each test):
1. Ragland’s test
2. Iris test
3. Hold your breath
4. Recovery after exercise
5. Ability to tolerate stress
6. Ability to go up inclines
7. Ability to sleep all night

7 Home DIY Tests for Adrenal Fatigue and STRESS

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