Biden scraps our sole weapon capable of blasting deeply buried targets, like China’s 3,000 mile Underground Great Wall (nuke manufacturing and storing tunnels)

Globalist traitor, Joe Biden  is intentionally weakening US deterrence.

Joel Skousen’s warns in World Affairs Brief, April 15, 2022:

Both Russia and China have deep underground nuclear missile bunkers and manufacturing and storage facilities that only this weapon can attack. Even our land based and sub-launched warheads can’t penetrate these hardened facilities—especially the huge underground bunker city Russia has built at Yamantau Mountain—which is estimated to be as big as the Washington DC metro area but underground.

Pentagon to scrap nuclear gravity bomb as part of Biden review

B83 was sole weapon capable of blasting deeply buried targets

Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – Monday, April 4, 2022

The Pentagon will eliminate the sole nuclear gravity bomb in the U.S. strategic weapons arsenal capable of blasting deeply buried underground structures as part of the Biden administration‘s review of strategic weapons policy, according to U.S. officials. …

Supporters of the B83 say it is still needed for deterring China, which has built a vast network of underground tunnels estimated to be 3,000 miles snaking throughout the country. The tunnel system, dubbed the “Underground Great Wall,” is used for producing and storing China‘s growing nuclear arsenal. …

Adm. Richard, the senior military leader in charge of nuclear forces, listed the B83 bomb as one of several weapons that needed to be kept in the arsenal to maintain nuclear deterrence until a replacement weapon is identified.

Rep. Doug Lamborn, ranking member of the House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee, said the Pentagon decision to scrap the bomb was a “needless, self-inflicted wound” for U.S. strategic deterrence.

“This is a bad decision because it takes away one option we have in our tool kit that keeps potential adversaries guessing,” Mr. Lamborn said in an interview.

The B83 is the sole weapon capable of addressing certain threats and targets “that can’t be dealt with any other way,” the Colorado Republican added.


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