The Real Story of the Jan 6th Protest and the Treatment of Jan 6 Prisoners

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The Real Story of the Jan 6th Protest and the Treatment of Jan 6 Prisoners

Here are two in-depth research pieces that are must-see or reads. The first is the new Epoch Times documentary, free during the month of September: The Real Story of Jan 6. Watch it as soon as possible.

It concentrates on the police provocations and deliberate tactics used to anger the crowd and induce them to fight with police, which if proven, would be grounds for an entrapment defense. They also explain the specific scenes where protestors are seen attacking police at the entrance to a tunnel. The media describe the scene as protestor criminal violence, but the Epoch Times found out that police inside the tunnel had turned on an innocent woman inside named Rozanne, and were beating her mercilessly. Protestors where battling police to get inside and rescue her. It makes a big difference to know the context of the film clips.

They carefully cover the issue of “suspicious actors” like Ray Epps, fomenting violence and being given deference by police. There is extensive filming of other masked agents provoking people to break through capitol windows that had been cracked. They were encouraging people to pull the glass out and go inside. Victoria White tells how there was a small team of masked men who brought hammers to the protest to break out impact resistant glass and how Trump supporters tried to stop them. “Who brings hammers to a peaceful protest?” she asks. The bad guys worked as a team to pull the Trump people off their teammates doing the damage, to allow it to continue.

None of them have been identified by the DOJ (they didn’t even try) and none have been prosecuted. The presence of agent provocateurs changes everything about the justice of selective prosecution. The video also tells how OathKeepers worked to de-escalate violence between the few violent protestors and police, contrary to negative news reports painting Oathkeepers as the problem.

As for the lack of the National Guard presence, they document with an interview with Kash Patel of the Trump administration that President Trump did authorize the deployment of up to 20K National Guardsmen, but Mayor Bowser of Washington DC had to request their presence to make their deployment legal. She declined, in writing, and thus it was she who was responsible for the lack of NG response. The Capitol Police also declined to request more troops.

Then there’s a very detailed expose on the “Brutal Truth About Jail Lockdown,” again by the Epoch Times. It’s too lengthy to reprint, but here’s the intro and the link: It’s a must read for your files.

It began without warning. A Jan. 6 prisoner had emerged from his cell without a mask. When it was all over, the jail was in lockdown and several inmates had been pepper sprayed, handcuffed, and thrown into solitary confinement. Inmate tablets were quickly confiscated, but not before several prisoners had time to send text messages, exposing the brutal truth of what happened. Many of those messages were obtained by The Epoch Times. In exclusive interviews with The Epoch Times, the family members of several Jan. 6 prisoners share their stories.