Skousen: The Wrong People are Promoting DeSantis

World Affairs Brief, November 11, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Along with blaming of Donald Trump for the lack of a powerful red wave, the establishment is clearly trying to promote Ron Desantis to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

While it’s unlikely that most of Trump’s supporters will abandon him, his image with his followers has been damaged by his bullheaded and unrepentant support and promotion of the dangerous Covid “vaccines.”

Trump has said that he would make a “big announcement” Tuesday, Nov. 15, at his Mar-a-Lago home, but many mainstream conservatives are calling on him to postpone any announcement claiming that his image is now tarnished by the midterm elections. I think the real reason is that they want more time to promote DeSantis.

Besides the mainstream media anti-Trump talking heads, globalists Mike Pompeo and Jeb Bush are the latest to back DeSantis for a future president. Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rushed to defend Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after former President Donald Trump dubbed the Republican “Ron DeSanctimonious” at a rally Saturday evening—a petty comment by Trump. George W. Bush praised DeSantis even earlier. It’s like everyone in the establishment got the same memo—push Ron DeSantis for president. The Gateway Pundit found even more establishment endorsements:

-Liz Peek called DeSantis the new Republican leader on FOX yesterday.

-The far-left New York Times this morning wrote that DeSantis just became the GOP front runner for 2024.

-The corrupt far-left architect of the 2020 Election Steal, David Frum, backed DeSantis at the far-left Atlantic this morning saying Trump lost the midterms and DeSantis won them.

-Far-left Politico released a report that Billionaire CEO Ken Griffin is ready to back Ron DeSantis now. The article goes on to bash President Trump.

Frankly, I’m not sure if this is because they hate Trump so much or that DeSantis is not really as conservative as he appears right now. But from an elect-ability standpoint, I think DeSantis is actually more electable than Trump and that should give Democrats and globalist Republicans pause in promoting him—unless they know he isn’t what he seems.

In any case, establishment endorsements are not a good sign and even a potential problem for DeSantis supporters who are also Trump supporters. They will likely view any sign of establishment support for DeSantis as a sign that the fix is in for a future conservative betrayal by someone who isn’t really a reliable conservative.

Roger Stone began bashing DeSantis last week on the Alex Jones show saying that Yale educated Ron DeSantis is “Skull and Bones” -a reference to the secretive Yale society complete with Satanic rituals that conspires to control both sides of the political spectrum. Most “Bonesmen” have gone to the Left side of the political spectrum, but William F. Buckley, founder of National Review, was also a Bonesman.

While Buckley did defend many conservative intellectual causes he was suspiciously a conspiracy denier when evidence about such big conspiracies about the murders of JFK, Robert F. Kennedy and Vince Foster drew clear conspiratorial conclusions.

The only valid point Stone made about DeSantis is that DeSantis endorsed Joe O’Dea, the Anti-Trump Rino Republican who vowed to work against any future Trump initiatives in the Senate. In fact, it was DeSantis’ only endorsement, which is strange. That doesn’t speak well about his ability to chose allies in politics. Of course, Trump’s choice of advisors was terrible, not being able to discern between those who were Deep State and those who weren’t.

I checked and there’s no evidence DeSantis joined Skull and Bones, or the other Yale secret fraternity, Scroll and Key. After negative press about Skull and Bones alumni gaining access to high government position, the secret society has ceased publishing their roster of members.

That said, former students of DeSantis think he’s overly ambitious and proud of his Ivy League background, as the anti-conservative Business Insider wrote:

Ron DeSantis spent a year after college teaching at a private school in Georgia, per The New York Times. Former students said he had a “smug” air about him and was a “total jock” who partied with students. Some students recalled DeSantis fondly while others remembered “unthinkable” pranks he pulled on students.

DeSantis, then a 23-year-old graduate from Yale University, used to tell his students that he was bound for the White House when he taught at Darlington School, a prestigious private school in Rome, Georgia, former students told the Times.

Not a good sign to be so politically ambitious early on in life. The Daily Mail noted that even his wife Casey “intends on being a president’s wife.”

Barnes described DeSantis, who coached baseball and football, as “very smart” and “charismatic,” noting that “people liked him” at Darlington. Some other students recalled the Florida governor differently, telling the Times he had a bit of a superiority complex.

In summary, there’s nothing wrong about recognizing one’s own legitimate cerebral assets, but humility is also important to keep from being overtaken by one’s own ego—a problem Donald Trump suffers from immensely. DeSantis has done a lot of good things in Florida, but I’ll be watching him closely before offering any endorsement.