Dr. Berg: Neutralize the Bad Effects of Caffeine

The benefits of caffeine:
• It can help lower the risk of dementia
• It can help decrease the risk of gallstones
• It can help with a fatty liver
• It can help decrease fibrosis within the liver
• It can help decrease liver enzymes
• It can help increase your fasting time (if you add fat to your coffee)
• It can temporarily increase cognitive function

The bad effects of caffeine:
• It can increase blood pressure
• It can increase cholesterol
• It can increase cortisol
• It has the potential to cause insomnia
• It can increase adrenaline
• It can cause anxiety or depression
• It can increase fatigue
• It can cause arrhythmias
• It can cause headaches
• It can cause panic attacks
• It can cause mood swings
• It can give you neck tension
• It can cause jaw tightness and teeth grinding
• It can cause a vitamin B1 deficiency
• It can act as a diuretic