Wim Hof: Poor circulation in hands & feet icy bath solution — When the pain is gone, circulation is restored

Wim Hof was asked if a person who has poor circulation in hands and feet can do ice baths/cold showers.

Wim says ~ Once you’re able to do hand and foot baths two minutes in icy water without pain, then the circulation in the hands and the feet are reestablished to their natural condition.

He then says you’re then able to do the full immersion Wim Hof method fully.

My experience:
I did cold showers for a long time before ever trying immersion of the hands in cold water. Surprisingly, my hands hurt a lot, but the pain went away after two weeks of daily cold water immersions. The hands don’t seem to get a lot of cold water exposure during cold showers.

The feet are different. My feet got plenty of cold water exposure in the cold water showers, so they didn’t need any separate treatment. This also solved my feet easily freezing in 0°F weather, which could easily happen if not careful since I froze my feet a number of times when young, playing outside too long in the cold.

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