A man was at the Mall of America wearing a shirt that said “Jesus Saves” on the front, and the back said, “Jesus is the Only Way.” Apparently, people at the mall were offended and complained to the mall cops who confronted the man, telling him he either had to take off/change his shirt or leave the mall.

A bystander captured the unbelievable confrontation on video.

One of the officers tells the man wearing the ‘controversial’ shirt that it is offending people because it is “associated with religion.”

Even though the man insists that he did not voice his beliefs to anyone in the mall, the officer tells him that simply wearing the shirt is sufficient to have him kicked out.

“You can take your shirt off… or you can leave the mall. Those are your only options right now,” the officer says.

The video then cuts forward in the confrontation, to one of the officers raising his voice and saying again, “If you want to shop here you need to take your shirt off.” …