Health benefits of vitamin K2 | Foods highest in K2

“..vitamin K2 supports calcium transportation. Vitamin K2 works with vitamin D. Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 are important to take together. Vitamin D raises calcium in the blood, but vitamin K2 pushes calcium from the blood into the bone.”

The health benefits of vitamin K2:
• It supports healthy bones
• It supports strong teeth
• It helps prevent calcium from building up in the arteries, cartilage, and joints
• It helps support healthy blood sugar levels
• It helps generate ATP (energy)
• It supports healthy testosterone levels
• It supports the brain

Vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 are fat-soluble—low-fat diets may lead to a vitamin K2 deficiency. Cheese, especially hard cheese, is a rich source of vitamin K2, with Muenster cheese at the top of the list.

Other foods high in vitamin K2:
• Grass-fed butter
• Goose liver
• Duck liver
• Duck fat
• Eel
• Beef liver
• Lamb’s liver
• Ground beef
• Grass-fed hot dogs
• High-quality bacon
• Pork
• Sauerkraut
• Cod liver oil

Feb 2, 2023