Chris White’s Christian YouTube page

Alice Bailey

48:45 Brian Desborough: the most influential source of David Icke’s ideas
54 Icke plagerized Brian Desborough’s article in his book,  “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Distaster.”

Arizona Wilder – the reptilians | Credo Mutwa

1:09:10 People’s pupil’s changing in clips online explained

1hr 16min The Zeitgeist version of Jesus

1:21:30 Catholicism became the state religion in the fourth century, when it merged occult symbols with Christianity. “The Bible itself, the writings that the Christians were reading during their times of persecution doesn’t support any of these Illuminati symbols or ideas. This is why the Vatican made reading the Bible illegal in the 1200s. The real Christians were literally burned alive with their illegal copies of the Bible chained around their necks. Even to this day, the Catholics do not recommend reading the Bible themselves. They say it’s better left to the priests to interpret for them. This is also why it was not allowed to be translated into any language but Latin for 1,000 years.”

1:25:05 Origin of halos in paintings

1:25:45 Icke calls Jesus the fish god — from Madame Blavatsky and Jordon Maxwell

1:35:30 “The guys” Channeling information from ascended Atlantians or demons — information proven to be untrue? “Welcome all beings” to guide you, Icke says.

1hr 57min Icke’s paranormal experiences, after which he was controlled by the entities. Drugs ayahuasca and DMT used.