Dr. John Campbell: Activated Vitamin D trial

Study of hospitalized patients [77% were vitamin D deficient] showed significant improvement, but probably would have been MUCH better had enough activated D been used.

ONLY 1 MICROGRAM WAS GIVEN. Probably not nearly enough. The study says: “active vitamin D analog (alfacalcidol 1.0 μg/day, or eldecalcitol 0.75 μg/day) administration was supposed if the patients had at least 1 risk factor for severe COVID-19….”

Dr. Campbell’s levels are only 34 ng/ml. He was finally able to get a test done in the UK, so he’s upping his dosage.

11:42 Big Pharma’s vitamin D “normal” level range is not high enough. Vitamin D “normal” level range for dogs is 100-150 ng/ml in the US. Like Dr. Campbell says: we need to optimize levels for what’s best for cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, Covid, etc., not just for rickets.

The effect of 1-hydroxy-vitamin D treatment in hospitalized patients with COVID-19: A retrospective study https://www.sciencedirect.com/science…