Look at this list:
1:20 – Fatigue
2:26 – Depression
3:37 – Bone Density
4:11 – Chronic Pain/Inflammation
5:55 – Muscle Loss
7:38 – Fat Gain
9:13 – High Blood Sugar
10:42 – Respiratory Infection
11:58 – Skin Issues
12:57 – Sources of Vitamin D

Video is good, except: We CAN’T GET ENOUGH D from cod liver oil (1 tsp = 400 iu) or food. And the sun has to be 45° HIGH IN THE SKY to get vitamin D. Our shadow has to be shorter than we are tall. We can’t get D when the sun is low during the day or for the MAJORITY OF THE US anytime in winter. In Anchorage, Alaska, we already can’t get any D, even if it wasn’t cloudy and raining.

People need at least 5,000 iu daily when not in the sun. Most do best on 10,000. And obese and others often need more.

People in southern California have no idea what it’s like to live in low sun states in winter.

DeLauer avoided Covid completely. Only said how good D is for other respiratory infections.