24:30 “At the end of the day, you are going to have to account to God for the things that you allowed, were complicit in….” – Candace

1:14:47 “We are weak right now because we have men who are acting like women. We have journalists [like Piers Morgan, mentioned earlier] who don’t have the strength to call out the truth, and they’re calling everything a ‘conspiracy theory.’ … We need to return to a time where people are guided by God and not by governments and the media institutions. … The west is failing; the west is falling. … I’m done with the military industrial complex. …” – Candace

– –

Candace Owens is the kind of firebrand that only comes around once in a generation. Black, conservative and proudly anti-feminist, Candace became a right-wing darling by breaking the mould of what a conservative looks like. She joins Piers Morgan on Uncensored with no love lost between them.

Piers starts off by questioning her on her now infamous departure from The Daily Wire, amid allegations of antisemitism. The conversation then turns to Israel, and Candace condemns its methods against Hamas, saying they aren’t being careful at all. Perhaps her most dramatic claim however, is that the First Lady of France, Brigette Macron, was actually born a man. In this fierce showdown, Piers and Candace give as good as they get.