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(video) McCain Laughs, Sings “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran”

[youtube=]Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

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Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran


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  1. john barbour

    The voter is almost as dumb and cruel and as uniformed as the candidate!! Iran did have a Democracy! In 1954! When democratically elected Pres. Mosadeq nationalized British Petroleum because of the usurious contracts, the CIA under John Dulles urged Pres. Eisenhower to give the go-ahead for a coup..which he did. Iran’s President was murdered by us, and another one of our friendly dictators , The Shah, was installed!!This horror led to what the CIA and Ron Paul says resulted in ‘blowback!’

  2. tobefree

    Excellent comment, John!!!

    I just put up PBS’ report of this CIA coup at:


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