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From: Nolan Chart

Alaska Converts McCain Delegates to Ron Paul

Hope for St. Paul Convention – A successful plan proven by Alaska meetup group for converting delegates to Ron Paul nationwide.

by Future Writer – Heather Saarela

A letter from Evan Cutler – Girdwood, Alaska, District 32 Delegate for Ron Paul

Here in Alaska we grew a group of delegates after our primaries into the Alaska Ron Paul Delegates meetup. In that group we pulled together about 70 of our 110 or so Ron Paul delegates in order to work and communicate together for the seven weeks before the state convention.We did one project that I think bears replication, both for states with pending State Conventions, but also, and most importantly, on a national level, before the St. Paul Convention. First, we realized that mainstream media had been almost completely ignoring Dr. Paul.

According to my own study, which I can provide to Nolan Chart, of the 2,188 mainstream media stories about presidential candidates between January 14th and February 10th, only 4 were about Dr. Ron Paul. Contrast that to:

756 stories about Hillary Clinton
760 stories about Barack Obama
674 stories about about John McCain
424 stories about Mitt Romney
281 stories about Mike Huckabee

While we set the world record for single day campaign contributions the month before, our candidate was virtually ignored just one month later!

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