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By Constantine C. Menges Ph.D.

In a book that is certain to be as controversial as it is meticulously researched, a former special assistant to the president for National Security Affairs and senior official of the Central Intelligence Agency shows that the U.S. could be headed toward a nuclear face-off with communist China within four years. And it definitively reveals how China is steadily pursuing a stealthy, systematic strategy to attain geopolitical and economic dominance first in Asia and Eurasia, then possibly globally, within the next twenty. Using recently declassified documents, statements by Russian and Chinese leaders largely overlooked in the Western media, and groundbreaking analysis and investigative work, Menges explains China’s plan thoroughly, exposing:

  • China’s methods of economic control.
  • China’s secret alliance with Russia and other anti-America nations, including North Korea.
  • China’s growing military and nuclear power-over 90 ICBMs, many of them aimed at U.S. cities.
  • How China and Russia have been responsible for weaponizing terrorists bent on harming the U.S.
  • Damage caused by China’s trade tactics (since 1990, we’ve lost 8 million jobs thanks to China trade surpluses).
  • Did you know China…

  • Can launch nuclear weapons that in thirty minutes could kill one hundred million Americans
  • Has used espionage to steal the designs of nearly all U.S. nuclear warheads and many other military secrets
  • Controls more than $200 Billion of U.S. National Debt
  • Sells more than 40 percent of its exports in the U.S., which provides much of the money used to build up its economy and its advanced weapons systems aimed mostly at the U.S.
  • Remains, along with Russia, the leading supplier of weapons of mass destruction to North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cuba
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