From: Anchorage Daily News

Summer is officially over in Alaska, and if you got out in the sun to enjoy both days of it you were lucky.

Those were the two July days the temperature at the offices of the National Weather Service in Anchorage hit 70 degrees or better.

“Those temperatures occurred at the beginning of the month (of July) and were immediately followed by a long stretch of cool and wet weather.

“With only two days above 70 degrees this year, that sets a new record for the fewest days to reach 70,” the weather-watching agency reported Friday.

Add to the lack of heat and sunshine what the agency calls “an astonishing 77%” of days colder than normal, and you get the picture.

This summer was every bit as bad as you thought it was.

Gardens didn’t grow. Salmon returned late. Bees didn’t make honey. Swallows didn’t breed.

And the sunbathing, well, what sunbathing?

On average, Anchorage sees 16 days that hit 70 or better. …

Overall, the weather service ranks the summer of 2008 as having the third coolest average high temperatures since record keeping began. Only the summers of 1973 and 1971 were worse. In overall average daily temperatures, 2008 ranked 11th place.

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