A co-worker and friend just posted four photos I took this summer during the “Goodbye to [our airline]” party, held at one of the Non-Revs, band members’ homes. One of these guys is actually my immediate boss.

There is a glimmer of hope that the ship that some of us have sailed on for decades won’t go down, but it doesn’t look good. Some are already bailing out.

Yikes! Ouch! If only we would have known sooner, etc….. We remember the pre, overreaction-to-9/11, good ole days for the airline business all too well. Once, in 1980, I was the only passenger on a flight.

At least most of us have learned to get along really well. It’s been a valuable experience, and many of us have been able to see much of the world.

May we always be friends no matter what happens.

Jeff Fenske : )


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