BECK: … It`s not just money that they`re throwing at this problem; it is also our freedom. America, we have — we have fundamentally changed. The America that you and I grew up in is gone. And maybe it`s gone forever, if we don`t wake up now. …

There is a global meltdown coming. It is a global depression. And one world currency, and one world financial system is the end game. China said last week they want one global currency. France said yesterday or the day before that they want one world order, a new world order at the end of this event.

Two nights ago the government used $900 billion of your money to give loans to businesses and guarantee those loans. Did they even ask you? That`s your money. Last night, for the first time, the interest rate was cut globally, with all of the central banks doing it at the same time. That is also a first. America, please hear me: this could mean the end of America, and the American way as we know it.