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Once you get past the sizzle….

Douglas Herman, wrote a very factual ‘Open Letter of Disgust to Governor Sarah Palin.’ Herman skillfully went to the heart of Palin’s war mongering and lack of facts on geopolitical issues.

In my first column about Palin, I said she was being given a crash education on foreign policy. The only problem is — who is doing the educating? The same dirty traitors who have sold us and our sovereignty to the highest bidders for more war and death: Palin to meet Henry Kissinger. […]

It is obvious I have little respect for Sarah Palin as a candidate. In my opinion, she is a political animal with big ambitions. This woman smells power and she wants it, badly. Palin admires a despicable man like McCain who sold out our POW/MIAs, left to die in commie prison camps. She stands next to McCain and gushes what a war hero he is and how we should all endorse his love of war (bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran) and the unconstitutional, immoral invasion of Iraq. Palin is his running mate. She endorses his platform. People should remember that.

Lots of folks keep sending me email wondering why Palin or McCain don’t talk about illegal immigration? Are you kidding? Anyone who hasn’t been on another planet for the past few years knows McCain has worked tirelessly to support this massive invasion and protect the 15-20 million illegals here in our country. The blood of tens of thousands of Americans slaughtered by illegals drips from his hands. McCain doesn’t want to talk about this invasion anymore than Obama wants to talk about his birth certificate.

Sarah Palin is dangerous because she isn’t qualified for the job of VP or president. What I presented above is just a small sampling of why. Americans should know these candidates, what they stand for and their experience. I am fully aware come election day when another giant hoax will be perpetrated upon the American people, that tens of millions of Republicans will vote for McCain to keep Obama out of the White House. Putting a Marxist like Obama in the White House would be a nightmare words can’t describe. Many will vote for McCain because they willfully believe his lies. Many will vote for McCain hoping the ‘until death do us part” comes sooner rather than later so Palin can step into the Oval Office. Be careful what you wish for….

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