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Tracy Twyman

Sunday, November 9
Ian welcomes journalist and occult expert Tracy Twyman, who’ll discuss the shocking stories from her new book, Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.

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My theory

I studied this subject in depth in the late ’90s, horrified by the prospect of this being done to innocent people, starting from even while they still in the womb. I also became somewhat convinced that unless this project wasn’t dealt with, Y2K could take us down, because of their strategic placement.

I came to learn, through my research and by attending a S.M.A.R.T. seminar (where I met Brice Taylor and others), that a significant amount of the programming was demonic. And I believe it’s likely that it was mainly prayers that broke these totally injust, hiddeous curses off of these innocent victims. And that is why we’ve heard little about this type of mind-control since Y2K. See: Nick Begich: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Demonstrate What’s Possible for Human Beings

Perhaps only God knows for sure.

It will be interesting to see Tracy’s take on this, to see how much of this she thinks is still going on. I haven’t heard of her before, so I can’t vouch for her credibility. Some of what’s out there is intentional disinfo.

incidentally, Mel Gibson played Jerry Fletcher, who was a mind-controlled assassin who went rogue in Conspiracy Theory, with Julia Roberts. Both Manchurian Candidate movies are also about mind-control. If I remember correctly, the first was banned for awhile after JFK’s assassination, ie.: Lee Harvey Oswald….

Freedom for the people!



Coast’s Recap

Mind Control & Project Monarch

Journalist and occult expert Tracy Twyman discussed the shocking stories from her new book, Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA. She covered a number of infamous accounts within this realm, such as the story of Cathy O’Brien, the Franklin Cover-Up, and the disappearance of Johnny Gosch. Reflecting on the more credible stories she has researched, Twyman said, “They don’t seem like they’re seeking attention. They don’t even seem like people who have read Internet conspiracy theories. They seem like they’re talking about the experiences they had.”

Looking at where these stories may have originated, Twyman detailed Project Monarch, which purportedly was part of the notorious CIA mind control program known as MK Ultra. According to her, Monarch “always involved a nexus of child sex abuse, mind control programming, Satanism, and the intelligence community.” Such practices were allegedly used to create multiple personalities within the victims and, in turn, make them programmable government pawns. Based on her research, Twyman said “when this technique was mastered by the intelligence community, they used it to create mind controlled sex slaves.” She postulated that the motive behind such devious pursuits was twofold: the slaves were either for personal use by powerful individuals or, more often, used to blackmail powerful people [especially politicians – editor] who partook in their services.

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