From: The International Forecaster

We are now 17 months into a credit crisis that continues to expose the corruption and incompetence of government, banking, Wall Street and transnational corporations. The situation has not stabilized and it won’t anytime soon. All we see are sweetheart deals for elitist corporations for which American taxpayers will pay for years to come. The future of our nation is totally out of control. For the last eight years our economy has been running on something for nothing, lies and deceit. The result will be hyperinflation and then the Second Great Depression.

As we predicted long ago the only avenue open to the elitists that control our country is to hyper-inflate to avoid collapse as long as possible. In this process financial institutions, most of whom are bankrupt, are trying with the help of the American taxpayer, to hold on. In that process they are severely limiting credit, which restricts business and growth and has caused crippling de-leveraging in our economy, particularly among hedge funds. Debt totally embraces our lives and finally we see de-leveraging among individuals as all debtors and borrowers come under pressured from the lenders. While this transpires relentlessly, unemployment grows stamping out the buying power of the masses many of whom already are on the edge of bankruptcy. We have this great mass of disintegration on the bottom and massive amounts of money and credit on the top. The money and credit is not reaching consumers who have been forced to stop buying. It is staying on the balance sheets of banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies and transnational conglomerates, such as G.E.

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