Show This To Anyone That Believes That “Things Are Getting Better” In America — The truth is that there are never going to be enough jobs in America ever again, because millions of our jobs are being sent overseas and millions of our jobs are being lost to technology

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Show This To Anyone That Believes That “Things Are Getting Better” In America

Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse
Feb 11, 2013

How can anyone not see that the U.S. economy is collapsing all around us?  It just astounds me when people try to tell me that “everything is just fine” and that “things are getting better” in America.  Are there people out there that are really that blind?  If you want to see the economic collapse, just open up your eyes and look around you.  By almost every economic and financial measure, the U.S. economy has been steadily declining for many years.  But most Americans are so tied into “the matrix” that they can only understand the cheerful propaganda that is endlessly being spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media.  As I have said so many times, the economic collapse is not a single event.  The economic collapse has been happening, it is is happening right now, and it will continue to happen.  Yes, there will be times when our decline will be punctuated by moments of great crisis, but that will be the exception rather than the rule.  A lot of people that write about “the economic collapse” hype it up as if it will be some huge “event” that will happen very rapidly and then once it is all over we will rebuild.  Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works.  We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, and once it completely bursts there will be no going back to how things were before.  Right now, we are living in a “credit card economy”.  As long as we can keep borrowing more money, most people think that things are just fine.  But anyone that has lived on credit cards knows that eventually there comes a point when the game is over, and we are rapidly approaching that point as a nation.

Have you ever been there?  Have you ever desperately hoped that you could just get one more credit card or one more loan so that you could keep things going?

At first, living on credit can be a lot of fun.  You can live a much higher standard of living than you otherwise would be able to.

But inevitably a day of reckoning comes.

If the federal government and the American people were forced at this moment to live within their means, the U.S. economy would immediately plunge into a depression.

That is a 100% rock solid guarantee.

But our politicians and the mainstream media continue to perpetuate the fiction that we can live in this credit card economic fantasy land indefinitely.

And most Americans could not care less about the future.  As long as “things are good” today, they don’t really think much about what the future will hold.

As a result of our very foolish short-term thinking, we have now run up a national debt of 16.4 trillion dollars.  It is the largest debt in the history of the world, and it has gotten more than 23 times larger since Jimmy Carter first entered the White House.

The chart that you see below is a recipe for national financial suicide…

U.S. National Debt

Entire Article Here with Charts

[audio – 2006 Greg Szymanski] Illuminati defector, 'Svali' tells how the Illuminati has infiltrated churches, schools, the government – NWO agenda and tactics

Very heavy and important personal testimony sheds great light on how the Illuminati operate and how pervasive they are in society.

My opinion: considering the infiltration of Christian churches, pastors have done a huge disservice by shunning and James-3 cursing those who have strong discernment of spirit gifts.

Includes glimpses of Greg’s Moody Blues bumper music : )

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1% of people…

Taught at a Christian school

“I was on a worship team for a Wesleyan church in San Diego…”

Her Vatican experience — Baptists, Pentecostals…

An “enormous economic collapse prior to the revealing.”

PROBLEM > REACTION > SOLUTION: “Out of chaos comes order.”

“A lot of the members aren’t happy” — but afraid to leave.

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[youtube=]Svali: Ex-Illuminati Shares Personal Stories About Her Life – Greg Szymanski 2006

Published on Mar 30, 2012 by christruth2008

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One of the most jaw dropping interviews you will ever hear.

[video – VERY SERIOUS!] Jerome Corsi: Obama's Ineligibility Shocker, His Enemies Hit List & More — "The New World Order is in the White House" — Media cover-up is complete — Greatest depression coming soon?

“The New World Order is in the White House.”

– Jerome Corsi

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[youtube=]Obama’s Ineligibility Shocker, His Enemies Hit List & More with Dr. Jerome Corsi 1/3

Uploaded by  on Mar 4, 2012

Today on this LIVE Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex welcomes author and leading birth certificate researcher Jerome Corsi to unveil the latest information on the shadow war for leading up to the 2012 elections. The investigation into the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart continues, as reports show he had been meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio just days before his untimely demise. Breitbart had been poised to release bombshell footage of Obama on the day of his death which he hoped would sink Obama’s re-election chances, while Arpaio is pursuing ‘probable cause’ in a case questioning Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility. …!/RealAlexJones


Another US Debt Downgrade Coming In Just Weeks

Another US Debt Downgrade Coming In Just Weeks

Joe Weisenthal
Business Insider
October 22, 2011

In an analyst note, Bofa/ML Ethan S. Harris drops a bit of a bombshell prediction:

We expect a moderate slowdown in the beginning of next year, as two small policy shocks—another debt downgrade and fiscal tightening—hit the economy. The “not-so-super” Deficit Commission is very unlikely to come up with a credible deficit-reduction plan. The committee is more divided than the overall Congress. Since the fall-back plan is sharp cuts in discretionary spending, the whole point of the Committee is to put taxes and entitlements on the table. However, all the Republican members have signed the Norquist “no taxes” pledge and with taxes off the table it is hard to imagine the liberal Democrats on the Committee agreeing to significant entitlement cuts. The credit rating agencies have strongly suggested that further rating cuts are likely if Congress does not come up with a credible long-run plan. Hence, we expect at least one credit downgrade in late November or early December when the super Committee crashes.

This is quite a stunning prediction, mainly because nobody is talking about this. And though the experts were 100% wrong in thinking that a downgrade would increase borrowing costs, it did cause a major market jolt when it happened, leading to a major blow to confidence in August and September.

Another round of that would certainly not be helpful.

Read full article

Skousen predicts: 5-10 years before the collapse — “By then they’ll have a world war to cover for the collapse.”

Joel Skousen in the video:
How the World Works —

A primer on how even well meaning people
are coopted by globalists to do their bidding

* * *

Excerpt from World Affairs Brief

World Affairs Brief, June 3, 2011 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Frequent CNBC guest Peter Yastrow told the CNBC audience that, “We’re on the verge of a great, great depression. The Federal Reserve knows it.” It was also widely reported that a billion dollar fund managers agrees, “The government never fixed the underlying economic problems, so we’ll have another crash.” Another pundit claimed the “housing slump is worse than the Great Depression.”

Part of this is true (the economy not being fixed), but I’m not buying the greatest depression ever claim. There is so much surplus wealth in this country, and even inside everyone’s home that the hardships of today simply don’t compare to the great depression. Where are the long bread lines? Even our unemployed are living comparatively well between unemployment compensation and reliance on relatives. 44 million are on food stamps and living much better than most during the Great Depression. Restaurants and movie houses are still packed on weekends.

In short, this is no depression even though the financial system is still not fixed and can’t be. The only question is how bad will the long slow decline be and how soon will high inflation come upon us. Inflation is the only game in town left that the FED has to play. But only the FED knows for sure how much they are going to inject and where its impact will be felt. As an experienced watcher of these conspiring men, my gut feeling is that they intend to keep collapse at bay for at least 5-10 more years. By then they’ll have a world war to cover for the collapse.


Joel Skousen: “I’m not predicting an economic collapse, but a downward spiral that will keep going. But they’ll milk it along, keep people basically fat, dumb and happy until the surprise war comes.”

Gerald Celente: “People better grow up. The game is over.”

“People better grow up. The game is over.”

– Gerald Celente

[youtube=]Gerald Celente: Prepare, Survive and Prevail – Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Uploaded by on Apr 21, 2011

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente also makes an appearance. Alex also covers the latest breaking news, including the latest DHS terror alert system, and takes your calls.


[audio] Seasoned globalism watcher Gary Kah: “A trap has been laid for us” — MAJOR TESTING in 2012-2013! • People don’t want to hear the word ‘repent’ anymore — the only way we can slow this thing down. • ONE WORLD religion — “We can’t just assume that everyone who calls themself a ‘Christian’ is” — the source of America’s collapse.

If you’re interested in spiritual things, please check out my spiritual site: ONEcanhappen, which is about real unity happening — a place where we will all be safe no matter what!

POWER to the Peaceful!

Jeff : )

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“God is looking for people to step up to the plate and be overcomers in these last days, and be sold out completely to Him, and be willing to do what He calls them to do without being embarrassed or bashful or unwilling.”

– Gary Kah

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

Dr. Stan’s Radio Liberty audio archives

Date: 02-17-11
Hour: 1
3:00: Frederick Sheehan – Greenspan’s Bubble
Hour: 2
4:00: Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief
Hour: 3
8:00: Pastor Billy Crone – Prophetic Events
Hour: 4
9:00: Barbara Peterson – GMO Foods
Date: 02-16-11
Hour: 1
3:00: Barry Chamish – Israel
Hour: 2
4:00: Dr. Shiv Chopra – H1N1 Epidemic
Hour: 3
8:00: Gary Kah – America’s Decline
Hour: 4
9:00: Avi Lipkin – Crisis in Israel
Date: 02-15-11
Hour: 1
3:00: Devvy Kidd – Creating Unemployment
Hour: 2
4:00: Dr. Gene Conti – Evolution
Hour: 3
8:00: Dr. Jerome Corsi – Disastrous Policies
Hour: 4
9:00: Dr. Brad Case – Thugs, Drugs, & Bugs
Date: 02-14-11


Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?

Lindsey Williams Returns: Get Ready for $5 a Gallon Gasoline and Major Food Price Increases! – Alex Jones Tv

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

…I’ve told it on the Alex Jones show a number of times:
By the end of 2012 the dollar will be dead

Mr. Fromm [see links below] said that before he passed away.

This new individual
[an oil company CEO; Alex calls him ‘Mr. L’]

is confirming to me that they are on time.

Their timeline is right where I was told it was going to be

They feel that the American people are waking up too rapidly.
They may have to retreat just a little bit,
but they definitely are on target for what they want to do.

Now you’re going to see it first at the grocery store. …

– Lindsey Williams

* * *

“When the mainstream media tells you something that’s different,
it’s not because they’re stupid.
They’re lying to you like you’re chumps.”

– Alex Jones

* * *

[youtube=]Lindsey Williams Returns: Get Ready for $5 a Gallon Gasoline! – Alex Jones Tv (Sunday Edition) 1/2

TheAlexJonesChannel | January 16, 2011 | 262 likes, 39 dislikes

On this Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with longtime Alaska oil reserves expert Lindsey Williams, author of The Energy Non-Crisis. In December, Williams told Jones he’d learned recently from two of this longtime friends, both retired top executives of major oil producers, that the price of crude oil is slated to move to $150-200 per barrel soon. Alex also talks about the Stuxnet malware revelations, confronts the latest news, and takes you calls.



Lindsey Williams: The Elite Speak — Dollar to devalue by 30-50% in the next 12 months

Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty: Lindsey predicts…

Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist Who Has Now Passed. When the Euro dies we just have 2 to 3 weeks until it happens to US!

Lindsey Williams Returns: Get Ready for $150 Barrel of Oil and Mr. X Revealed!

Lindsey Williams: Deathbed Globalist “Spills Gut” On Plan to Destroy America

Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones Tv: Lindsey talked with elite insider again (2/24/10) about the future of America and monetary system, the globalist plans for the rest of the world — “The dollar will be dead by 2012.”

Lindsey Williams on the Two Year Globalist Timetable: “They have some definite plans. Now whether they will succeed and accomplish it or not is another story. I hope they don’t, but on the other hand, that is their timeline”

[10/23/09] Lindsey Williams: We Have Just 2 Years to Get Our Act Together?

[10/20/09] Lindsey Williams Back on Alex Jones Tv: Total Economic Collapse of America in 2 Years? / “The Devil’s Messiah”

[10/19/09] Globalist Insider Tells Lindsey Williams: “Within TWO YEARS you will not recognize America. … You will be so poor you will not be able to rebel”

Lindsey Williams’ Book Now Online: “The Energy Non-Crisis”

Lindsey Williams’ Life Threatened by Tycoon for Speaking Out About the Non-Energy Crisis

Skousen: Gas Price Manipulation—Public Needs to Demand Opening of the Gull Island Oil Field (Alaska)

Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Reserve Largest on Earth?

[video] Stansberry’s Investment Advisory: The End of America — “I reference our success and experience with Wall Street’s latest crisis because we believe there is an even bigger crisis lurking – something that will shake the very foundation of America”

[UPDATED: Originally posted 12/16]

“People believe that
since something has never happened before…

it never will.”

* * *

Video can be watched here;
though, it can’t be paused once it starts running

Thankfully, it’s now here via YouTube

* * *

[youtube=]Porter Stansberry Research – The End of America

* * *

Full Transcript


WARNING: What you are about to see is controversial, and may be offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Hello. My name is Porter Stansberry.

A little over ten years ago I founded Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. It has become one of the largest and most recognized investment research companies in the world, serving hundreds of thousands of subscribers in more than 120 countries.

You may know of our firm because of the work we did over the last several years – helping investors avoid the big disasters associated with Wall Street’s collapse.

We warned investors to avoid Fannie and Freddie, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and General Motors and dozens of other companies that have since collapsed. We even helped our subscribers find opportunities to profit from these moves by shorting stocks and buying put options. To my knowledge, no other research firm in the world can match our record of correctly predicting the catastrophe that occurred in 2008.

But that’s not why I created this letter.

I reference our success and experience with Wall Street’s latest crisis because we believe there is an even bigger crisis lurking – something that will shake the very foundation of America.

And that is why I’ve spent a significant amount of time and money in the past few months preparing this letter.

In short, I want to talk about a specific event that will take place in America’s very near future… which could actually bring our country and our way of life to a grinding halt.

This looming crisis is related to the financial crisis of 2008… but it is infinitely more dangerous, as I’ll explain in this letter.

As this problem comes to a head, I expect there to be riots in the streets… arrests on an unprecedented scale… and martial law, enforced by the U.S. military.

Believe me, I don’t make this prediction lightly and I have no interest in trying to scare you.

I’m simply following my research to its logical conclusion.

I did the same when I tracked Fannie and Freddie’s accounting. The same with General Motors. And Bear Stearns and the rest. And when I began giving this warning in 2006 no one took me very seriously… not at first. Back then, most mainstream commentators just ignored me.

And when I presented my case and exposed the facts at economic conferences, they got angry. They couldn’t refute my research… but they weren’t ready to accept the enormity of its conclusions either.

That’s why, before I go any further, I have to warn you…

What I am going to say is controversial. It will offend many people… Democrats, Republicans, and Tea Partiers, alike. In fact, I’ve already received dozens of pieces of hate mail.

And… the ideas and solutions I’m going to present might seem somewhat radical to you at first… perhaps even “un-American.”

My guess is that, as you read this letter… you’ll say: “There’s no way this could really happen… not here.”

But just remember:

No one believed me three years ago when I said the world’s largest mortgage bankers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would soon go bankrupt.

And no one believed me when I said GM would soon be bankrupt as well… or that the same would happen to General Growth Properties (the biggest owner of mall property in America).

But again, that’s exactly what happened.

And that brings us to today…

The same financial problems I’ve been tracking from bank to bank, from company to company for the last five years have now found their way into the U.S. Treasury. I’ll explain how this came to be. What it means is critically important to you and every American…

The next phase in this crisis will threaten our very way of life.

The savings of millions will be wiped out. This disaster will change your business and your work. It will dramatically affect your savings accounts, investments, and retirement.

It will change everything about your normal way of life: where you vacation… where you send you kids or grandkids to school… how and where you shop… the way you protect your family and home.

I’ll explain how I know these events are about to happen. You can decide for yourself if I’m full of hot air. As for me, I’m more certain about this looming crisis than I’ve been about anything else in my life.

* * *

Entire Transcript Here


Porter Stansberry on The Alex Jones Show 11/15/12: Obama riding coattails of the shale oil boom that he opposed — Third term possible

Stansberry Research: Obama Address to the Nation – December 4, 2012 — This speech details what we believe The President might say on the day America’s foreign creditors finally stop lending us money, and demand repayment for our country’s debts.

Financial Advisor Porter Stansberry: The Economic Implosion of America is Here! — How to protect your assets. “If you’re gonna make a move, I think you’ve got 12 or 18 months to make it, tops!”

The Alex Jones Show 2/23/11: Mancow Muller, Porter Stansberry, Lindsey Williams, James Corbett

Financial Advisor Porter Stansberry on The Alex Jones Show 4/27/11

Globalist Insider Tells Lindsey Williams: “Within TWO YEARS you will not recognize America. … You will be so poor you will not be able to rebel”

2012 forecast: Food riots, ghost malls, mob rule, terror. Trends chief [Gerald Celente] says people should brace for ‘the greatest depression.’ “This is the decline of empire America”

Sid Roth Interviews John Paul Jackson On The Coming Perfect Storm. “The Woes of 2012! The Woes of 2012!” And Beyond-Asbury, ‘ONE’-Happens, All-Get-Healed REVIVAL!!!!!!!

For a balancing perspective:

Why Joel Skousen Preaches Against Hyperinflation

Joel Skousen: “I’m not predicting an economic collapse, but a downward spiral that will keep going. But they’ll milk it along, keep people basically fat, dumb and happy until the surprise war comes.”

Joel Skousen on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 8/2/11 with George Noory: The coming attack by Russia and China — “Once the government starts to warn us that Russia and China is a threat, it will be too late. Mark my words.”

Joel Skousen on ‘Coast’ with Excellent Interviewer John B. Wells: What’s Really Going On?!!

Gerald Celente: “Fascism has come to America. It’s not only in the airports. … There’s not going to be a recovery. The printing presses are running out.”

“Fascism has come to America. It’s not only in the airports.”

“There’s not going to be a recovery. The printing presses are running out.”

– Gerald Celente

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Gerald starts at 2.5 minutes
[youtube=]Gerald Celente: America is Turning Into One Gigantic Hellhole! – Alex Jones Tv 1/2

TheAlexJonesChannel | November 18, 2010 | 2 likes, 0 dislikes
trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance, Gerald Celente.


Celente: The fake “recovery” was nice while it lasted…


And Now We’re Headed For The GREATEST Depression, Says Gerald Celente

The fake “recovery” was nice while it lasted, says famous apocalyptic forecaster Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute. But now the fun’s over, and we’re headed for what Celente describes as the “Greatest Depression.”

Specifically, the always startling Celente says the country is headed for rising unemployment, poverty, and violent class warfare as the government efforts to keep the economy going begin to fail.

Watch Video, Read Rest of Story Here

Celente: Economic Collision Course The ‘Crash Of 2010’


Economic Collision Course The ‘Crash Of 2010’
By Gerald Celente

KINGSTON, NY — Following the “Panic of ’08” and the subsequent “Great Recession,” Washington, Wall Street and the media united to promote the belief that extreme crisis management measures enacted by governments had rescued the world, and staved off even worse disaster.

“Recovery” was in the air. “Recovery” was the word on the public’s lips.  “Recovery” was fervently preached and endlessly pitched.

A very few argued that the measures could not work; that they would not live up to expectations. But only Gerald Celente predicted, from the onset, that they would fail completely, leading to the “Crash of 2010” and an inevitable descent into the “Greatest Depression.”

Now, with the data catching up to Celente and the economic skies falling, the “Recovery Hawks” have turned “Chicken Little.”

Celente plotted out the collision course and provided strategies for both steering clear of the dead end “Road to Recovery” and following roads less traveled that would lead to safety and success.

As every driver knows, in the moment before a collision there’s a gap  a split second  between recognition of the crash to come and the impact. In economic terms, that gap was the period between August 2007 (when we pinpointed an imminent financial crisis) and now August 2010.

Now there is only the “split second.” On the macro-level, and for those who invested everything they had in “Recovery,” there will be no avoiding the “Crash of 2010.” On the individual level, there is still time to take both evasive action and proactive measures.

Be warned! While we see a split second left to take evasive action, some of the biggest names in business still blindly persist in minimizing the danger:  Bloomberg, August 25  “Durable-Goods Orders, Home Sales Signal Danger of Renewed U.S. Recession.” Even Nouriel Roubini, the media’s pet pessimist, put the odds of renewed recession at only 40 percent.

“Renewed recession”? Odds of recession? It’s bogus bookmaking  odds spun out of thin air and fobbed off as economics. The “Great Recession” never ended! The $13 trillion lent, spent and guaranteed by Washington and the Federal Reserve didn’t put an end to the recession, it just put it into a brief remission.

And what about the Dow that’s rebounded from its 2009 low of 6,830 and currently trades around 10,000? Touted as a recovery bellwether, in reality, the Dow was trading at 10,000 in 1999. Moreover, when adjusted for inflation, Dow 10,000 of 2010 is really the equivalent of only Dow 8,200 in 1999.

But Wall Street and the media do an excellent job of concealing such facts from the public. In their perpetually sunny financial skies, it is always, always, always a “buying opportunity.”

As Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute have been saying all along: insiders aside, investing in the stock market is a loser’s game. Just to get back to its 1999 level in real, inflation-adjusted terms, the Dow would have to hit 13,460.

What was not a loser’s game was gold. Trading at a $255 per ounce low in 1999, it trades at $1240 today. That is close to a 500 percent gross increase. Adjusted for inflation using the same rate applied to the Dow above, gold is currently worth around $880 in 1999 dollars and heading higher.

We called the beginning of the “Gold Bull Run” in 2001, when gold was at $275 per ounce. The next breakout point for gold is $1300. From that point forward, depending upon which of a handful of wildcards get played, we forecast “Gold $2000”  and possibly higher.

Whatever your investment strategy may be, proactive measures taken now will minimize the impact of the “Crash of 2010” that, by the New Year, will be unmistakable and undeniable. Rather than debating the probabilities of a double-dip recession, the business media will be glomming onto the financial body counts littering Wall Street as though it were another Katrina.

To stay ahead of the times and on top of the trends, please contact me for the Summer edition of Trends Journal® and/or to arrange an interview with Trends Research Institute Director, Gerald Celente.

Nicole Nevin
Media Relations
845.331.3500 EXT1

©MMX The Trends Research Institute®

A Wound Up Gerald Celente: U.S. Double-Dip Depression Will Lead Us Into War As Solution

[youtube=]Gerald Celente: U.S. Double Dip Depression will Lead us into War as Solution – Alex Jones Tv 1/4

TheAlexJonesChannel | August 10, 2010

Alex welcomes back to the show Gerald Celente, a trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. Celente’s accurate forecasts include the 1987 stock market crash, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the 1997 Asian currency crash and the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis. He is the author of Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today’s Trends and Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century.




Greatest Depression in California: People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water

Greatest Depression in California: People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water
July 27, 2010



I couldn’t find statistics for local utility shut offs in my area, but I knew we would start to see more and more of this.

Houses everywhere are going vacant. People don’t say goodbye, they don’t leave a number, they just disappear. With their disappearance we add another vacant house to the street. But families living in housing without utilities is a new sight for me to behold. I spoke recently with a rep from So Cal Edison who, full time contacts residence who have had their electricity turned off due to non payment. She has a negotiator sent in and they work on a reduced payment. It’s amazing to me, that now, it is becoming acceptable in California to camp out in your home.

People are losing their homes, losing their cars and losing their dignity. How are we going to afford kids clothes and school supplies for the coming year? How can we expect families to pay for all these additional costs when the economy is in the shape it in. I ask myself this everyday.…

Requests for help paying utility bills surge upward

Light switches, furnaces and water faucets aren’t the typical gauges of economic health, but at Pikes Peak United Way’s 2-1-1 call center, they tell a tale of people who continue to struggle to pay their bills in a weak economy.

According to a report released Monday by the 2-1-1 Information and Referral Hotline, requests for utility bill assistance in the fiscal year ending June 30 jumped 20 percent from the previous year, outstripping requests for help with food and rent.

“That’s by far the biggest spike in looking at data year-to-year,” said 2-1-1 Center Manager Jessica Johnson-Simmons. “I would guess it would have something to do with recent utility hikes that have gone into effect, but it’s also a case of clients just getting too overwhelmed with their……

I feel horrible; I know my kids must feel horrible,” said Maria Schultheis, who lives in the house with her husband and twin teenage sons. “I’m humiliated because I never had to live like this.”

The town water department shut off the Schultheises’ water about a month ago after the family fell behind on payments on a $1,700 overdue bill. John Schultheis — a computer programmer who has been out of work for three years — watched in disbelief as town workers turned off the water valve near the curb of his three-bedroom bungalow in a quiet middle-class neighborhood in the Lake Hiawatha section of Parsippany.

As the recession continues, utility companies say a growing number of New Jerseyans are falling behind on their electric, gas and water bills. For many, a flood of emergency funding in state and federal aid programs — coupled with a state-imposed moratorium on utility shut-offs during the winter months — has helped keep the lights on and the water flowing over the last few months.

But, with much of the state money gone and the winter moratorium ended, utility officials say more and more families like the Schultheises may be losing their electricity, gas or water service in the coming months.

“I do expect shut-off activity to increase the second part of the year,” said Victor Viscomi, PSE&G’s director of billing and revenue operations. “Some of the emergency-payment assistance money is drying up.”

PSE&G, the state’s largest utility, has seen a 10 percent increase in families behind on their payments, compared with this time last year, Viscomi said. Many of those are households that had never had a late payment until now.

Alert! China Dumping T-Bills in Real Time! USA Depression Update!

[youtube=]Alert! China Dumping T-Bills in Real Time! USA Depression Update!

visionvictory | July 16, 2010

Get Your Dose of Economic Reality at

Fed gets even more power with new regulation… was right…
U.S. Dollar…

New regulations piled on top of old regulations…

banks reposses homes at record…

Gerald Celente: We’re Going into The Greatest Depression and WWIII

All the data is adding up to a crash.
We believe it’s going to be a currency crash.”

What we see first is a collapse in Europe.”

Terrorism and Uprisings by the people…

The BP oil disaster, unfortunately,
looks as though it’s going to be
the Dust Bowl of the 21 Century.”

– Gerald Celente
Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

[youtube=]Gerald Celente: We’re Going into The Greatest Depression and WW 3 – Alex Jones Tv 1/2

TheAlexJonesChannel | July 02, 2010

Alex also talks with trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author Gerald Celente.

Continue reading “Gerald Celente: We’re Going into The Greatest Depression and WWIII”

Gerald Celente at His Best! What’s Coming: Crash of 2010, 9/11-like Event, War…

[youtube=]Gerald Celente Breaks Down The Troubled Financial World Markets on Alex Jones Tv 1/7

TheAlexJonesChannel — June 09, 2010 — Alex also talks with Gerald Celente, renowned trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

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Predictions For The Rest Of 2010

NOTE: I post these predictions to put in our mental, data base ‘seed boxes,’ to see if the ideas presented actually do sprout and take root. Not all of these predictions come true, especially in the given time frame. But some do.

I post predictions under the Timing Predictions category that even disagree with each other, somewhat.

It’s hard to predict the future because there are so many wild cards, especially when the people find out what’s going on and get engaged, especially in prayer! Events often take longer to happen than it would seem.

If these predictions don’t take place exactly as specified, we can still learn much by listening to the different factors involved. And for me (I don’t have his gift of metaphor), the way Gerald puts things verbally is just so interesting anyway.

Jeff Fenske


From: Rense

Predictions For The Rest Of 2010

Bob Chapman
First 6 months of 2010, Americans will continue to live in the ‘unreality’the period between July and October is when the financial fireworks will begin. The Fed will act unilaterally for its own survival irrespective of any political implications (source is from insider at FED meetings). In the last quarter of the year we could even see Martial law, which is more likely for the first 6 months of 2011. The FDIC will collapse in September 2010. Commercial real estate is set to implode in 2010. Wall Streetbelieves there is a 100% chance of crash in bond market, especially municipals sometime during 2010. The dollar will be devalued by the end of 2010.

Gerald Celente
Terrorist attacks and the “Crash of 2010”. 40% devaluation at first = the greatest depression, worse than the Great Depression.

George Ure
Markets up until mid-to-late-summer. Then “all hell breaks lose” from then on through the rest of the year.

Igor Panarin
In the summer of 1998, based on classified data about the state of the U.S. economy and society supplied to him by fellow FAPSI analysts, Panarin forecast the probable disintegration of the USA into six parts in 2010 (at the end of June  start of July 2010, as he specified on 10 December 2000

Have projected that the third and final stage of the economic collapse will begin sometime in 2010. Barring some kind of financial miracle, or the complete dissolution of the Federal Reserve, a snowballing implosion should become visible by the end of this year. The behavior of the Fed, along with that of the IMF seems to suggest that they are preparing for a focused collapse, peaking within weeks or months instead of years, and the most certain fall of the dollar.

July and onward things get very strange. Revolution. Dollar dead by November 2010.

George Ure
Markets up until mid-to-late-summer. Then “all hell breaks lose” from then on through the rest of the year.

LEAP 20/20
2010 Outlook from a group of 25 European Economists with a 90% accuracy rating- We anticipate a sudden intensification of the crisis in the second half of 2010, caused by a double effect of a catching up of events which were temporarily &laqno; frozen » in the second half of 2009 and the impossibility of maintaining the palliative remedies of past years. There is a perfect (economic) storm coming within the global financial markets and inevitable pressure on interest rates in the U.S. The injection of zero-cost money into the Western banking system has failed to restart the economy. Despite zero-cost money, the system has stalled. It is slowly rolling over into the next big down wave, which in Elliott Wave terminology will be Super Cycle Wave Three, or in common language, “THE BIG ONE, WHERE WE ALL GO OVER THE FALLS TOGETHER.”

Joseph Meyer
Forecasts on the economy. He sees the real estate market continuing to decline, and advised people to invest in precious metals and commodities, as well as keeping cash at home in a safe place in case of bank closures. The stock market, after peaking in March or April (around 10,850), will fall all the way down to somewhere between 2450 and 4125 during the next leg down.

Harry Dent (investor)
A very likely second crash by late 2010. The coming depression (starts around the summer of 2010). Dent sees the stock market currently benefiting from upward momentum and peppier economic activity headed for a very brief and pleasant run that could lift the Dow to the 10,700-11,500 range from its current level of about 10.090. But then, he sees the market running into a stone wall, which will be followed by a nasty stock market decline (starting in early March to late April) that could drive down the Dow later this year to 3,000-5,000, with his best guess about 3,800.

Richard Russell (Market Expert)
(from 2/3/10) says the bear market rally is in the process of breaking up and panic is on the way. He sees a full correction of the entire rise from the 2002 low of 7,286 to the bull market high of 14,164.53 set on October 9, 2007. The halfway level of retracement was 10,725. The total retracement was to 6,547.05 on March 9, 2009. He now sees the Dow falling to 7,286 and if that level does not hold, “I see it sinking to its 1980-82 area low of Dow 1,000.” The current action is the worst he has ever seen. (Bob Chapman says for Russell to make such a startling statement is unusual because he never cries wolf and is almost never wrong)

Niño Becerra (Professor of Economics)
Predicted in July 2007 that what was going to happen was that by mid 2010 there is going to be a crisis only comparable to the one in 1929. From October 2009 to May 2010 people will begin to see things are not working out the way the government thought. In May of 2010, the crisis starts with all its force and continues and strengthens throughout 2011. He accurately predicted the current recession and market crash to the month.

Lyndon Larouche
The crisis is accelerating and will become worse week by week until the whole system grinds into a collapse, likely sometime this year. And when it does, it will be the greatest collapse since the fall of the Roman Empire.

“You are witnessing a fundamental breakdown of the American dream, a systemic breakdown of our democracy and our capitalism, a breakdown driven by the blind insatiable greed of Wall Street: Dysfunctional government, insane markets, economy on the brink. Multiply that many times over and see a world in total disarray. Ignore it now, tomorrow will be too late.”

Eric deCarbonnel
There is no precedence for the panic and chaos that will occur in 2010. The global food supply/demand picture has NEVER been so out of balance. The 2010 food crisis will rearrange economic, financial, and political order of the world, and those who aren’t prepared will suffer terrible lossesAs the dollar loses most of its value, America ‘s savings will be wiped out. The US service economy will disintegrate as consumer spending in real terms (ie: gold or other stable currencies) drops like a rock, bringing unemployment to levels exceeding the great depression. Public health services/programs will be cut back, as individuals will have no savings/credit/income to pay for medical care. Value of most investments will be wiped out. The US debt markets will freeze again, this time permanently. There will be no buyers except at the most drastic of firesale prices, and inflation will wipe away value before credit markets have any chance at recovery. The panic in 2010 will see the majority of derivatives end up worthless. Since global derivatives markets operate on the assumption of the continued stable value of the dollar and short term US debt, using derivatives to bet against the dollar is NOT a good idea. The panic in 2010 will see the majority of derivatives end up worthless. The dollar’s collapse will rob US consumers of all purchasing power, and any investment depend on US consumption will lose most of its value.

Alpha-Omega Report (Trends Forecast)
Going into 2010, the trends seemed to lead nowhere or towards oblivion. Geo-politically, the Middle East was and is trending towards some sort of military clash, most likely by mid-year, but perhaps soonerAt the moment, it seems 2010 is shaping up to be a year of absolute chaos. We see trends for war between Israel and her neighbors that will shake every facet of human activityIn the event of war, we see all other societal trends being thoroughly disruptedIran will most likely shut off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. This will have immense consequences for the world’s economy. Oil prices will skyrocket into the stratosphere and become so expensive that world’s economies will collapse..There are also trend indicators along economic lines that point to the potential for a total meltdown of the world’s financial system with major crisis points developing with the change of each quarter of the year. 2010 could be a meltdown year for the world’s economy, regardless of what goes on in the Middle East .

Robin Landry (Market Expert)
I believe we are headed to new market highs between 10780-11241 over the next few months. The most likely time frame for the top is the April-May area. Remember the evidence IMHO still says we are in a bear market rally with a major decline to follow once this rally ends.

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.
In my estimation, there is still close to an 80% probability (Bayes’ Rule) that a second market plunge and economic downturn will unfold during 2010.

Robert Prechter
Founder of Elliott Wave International, implores retail investors stay away from the markets for now. Prechter, who was bullish near the lows in March 2009, now says the stock market “is in a topping area, “predicting another crash in 2010 that will bring stocks below the 2009 low. His word to the wise, “be patient, don’t rush it” keep your money in cash and cash equivalents.

Richard Mogey
Current Research Director at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles- Because of a convergence of numerous cycles all at once, the stock market may go up for a little while, but will crash in 2010 and reach all-time lows late 2012. Mogey says that the 2008 crash was nothing compared to the coming crash. Gold may correct in 2009, but will go up in 2010 and peak in 2011. Silver will follow gold.

James Howard Kunstler (January 2010)
The economy as we’ve known it simply can’t go on, which James Howard Kunstler has been saying all along. The shenanigans with stimulus and bailouts will just compound the central problem with debt. There’s not much longer to go before the whole thing collapses and dies. Six Months to Live- The economy that is. Especially the part that consists of swapping paper certificates. That’s the buzz I’ve gotten the first two weeks of 2010.

Peter Schiff (3/13/2010)
“In my opinion, the market is now perfectly positioned for a massive dollar sell-off. The fundamentals for the dollar in 2010 are so much worse than they were in 2008 that it is hard to imagine a reason for people to keep buying once a modicum of political and monetary stability can be restored in Europe . In fact, the euro has recently stabilized. My gut is that the dollar sell-off will be sharp and swift. Once the dollar decisively breaks below last year’s lows, many of the traders who jumped ship in the recent rally will look to re-establish their positions. This will accelerate the dollar’s descent and refocus everyone’s attention back on the financial train-wreck unfolding in the United States . Any doubts about the future of the U.S. dollar should be laid to rest by today’s announcement that San Francisco Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen has been nominated to be Vice Chair of the Fed’s Board of Governors, and thereby a voter on the interest rate-setting, seven-member Open Markets Committee. Ms. Yellen has earned a reputation for being one of the biggest inflation doves among the Fed’s top players.” Schiff is famous for his accurate predictions of the economic events of 2008.

Lindsey Williams
Dollar devalued 30-50% by end of year. It will become very difficult for the average American to afford to buy even food. This was revealed to him through an Illuminati insider.

Unnamed Economist working for US Gov’t (GLP)
What we have experienced the last two years is nothing to what we are going to experience this year. If you have a job nowyou may not have it in three to six months. (by August 2010). Stock market will fall = great depression. Foreign investors stop financing debt = collapse. 6.2 million are about to lose their unemployment.

Jimmy “Doomsday”
DOW will fall below 7,000 before mid summer 2010- Dollar will rise above 95 on the dollar index before mid summer 2010- Gold will bottom out below $800 before mid summer 2010- Silver will bottom out below $10 before mid summer 2010- CA debt implosion will start its major downturn by mid summer and hit crisis mode before Q4 2010- Dollar index will plunge below 65 between Q3 and Q4 2010- Commercial real estate will hit crisis mode in Q4 2010- Over 35 states will be bailed out by end of Q4 2010 by the US tax payer End of Q4 2010 gold will hit $1,600 and silver jump to $35 an oz.

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Gerald Celente: Financial Armageddon by 2012, Unless…

[youtube=]Gerald Celente : Financial Armageddon 2.0

GeraldCelenteChannel — May 25, 2010 — Gerald Celente : Financial Armageddon 2.0
Gerald Celente on – What’s Next For Our Economy?
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See What’s Coming! Max Keiser: How The Globalist are Rigging World Markets — The British pound will go next. In the U.S., hyperinflation will hit and gold will skyrocket when SDRs replace the dollar.

If you only have 10 minutes, just listen to Part 2

[youtube=]Max Keiser Reports How The Globalist are Rigging World Markets on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

TheAlexJonesChannel — May 17, 2010 — Alex welcomes back to the show film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser. Keiser is the host of On the Edge, a program of news and analysis, and Keiser Report, a financial tabloid. He formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. In addition to his broadcasting work, Keiser is known for his invention of “Virtual Specialist Technology,” a software system used by the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

[youtube=]Max Keiser Reports How The Globalist are Rigging World Markets on Alex Jones Tv 2/4

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Gerald Celente: “The stimulus is going to run out. The crash is going to happen.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“When people are making money
they don’t want to hear anything bad.”

“The next bubble —
after this bursts and they can’t fix it —
it’s going to be the war.”

“Jumping out of the Euro and jumping into the dollar
is like bailing out of the Titanic and going into the Lusitania.”

“The stimulus is going to run out.
The crash is going to happen.”

– Gerald Celente

[youtube=]Freedom Watch – Gerald Celente – Rise of a Third Party

Trend Analyst Gerald Celente makes 2012 election prediction

Ron Paul: “We are on the brink of a financial cataclysmic event!” “The next step is a currency crisis, because there will be a rejection of the dollar.”


[youtube=]Ron Paul At CPAC [Conservative Political Action Conference]

February 19, 2010 C-SPAN

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Bob Chapman: We Are In A Depression, Not A Recovery

From: International Forecaster

Few professionals are yet willing to admit we have been in a depression for the last year. You have to understand the position that economists and analysts are in. They work for corporations, insurance, Wall Street, banking and government and if they thought we were in a depression and they publicly announced that all chances for advancement would be lost or they would be squeezed out of the firm or simply fired. Under such circumstances can you ever expect that you get the truth? We don’t think so. Furthermore the depression we are enveloped in is far from over. The recession encompassed a drop in real GDP in the midst of a credit crisis. The crisis was the result of over-extended credit, prohibitively low interest rates, massive speculation by banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies, and corporations worldwide. It just didn’t happen it was planned that way. We saw that recently in testimony before Congress when CEOs of these financial firms admitted they made a mistake in the process of enriching themselves. The worst sin was the criminal securitization of mortgages and the deliberately criminal mislabeling of their ratings. Then making matters worse those who sold this toxic garbage to their clients such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup were shorting the product that they had just sold to their best clients. What kind of monsters are these people? Unethical doesn’t go far enough. It was criminal. These are the same characters, along with the Fed, and others, who gave us the dotcom boom and collapse and then foisted the real estate boom on our economy. The result has been deflating assets and contracting credit offset by massive lending, money and credit creation by the Fed and monetization, all temporary expedient measures, which in the context of history has led to failure. This has been in process for seven years. This second major abuse of our system in 14 years has presented a terrible dilemma and that is where we are today. Our monetary policy hasn’t worked and won’t work and there has been and presently is little fiscal control in Washington. This is no normal recession; it is a depression.

We have zero funds rates and up until six months ago M3 expansion of more than 17%. The Fed has monetized trillions of dollars of Treasuries, Agencies and toxic waste and now we are told we are in recovery – the worst is over. We wish we could agree, but we can’t. We are reenacting the same mistakes of the past all over again. Unemployment is close to the depression levels of the “Great Depression” and is still expanding albeit more slowly. Money velocity has fallen even after the massive infusion of aggregates. Liquidity is not flowing into the economy it is pouring into Wall Street to aid and abet more speculation, which has sent the Dow from 6600 to 10,700. This game cannot be played indefinitely. Wall Street cannot continue to prosper as the economy remains stagnant, and unemployment climbs higher.

The market is grossly overpriced and the effect of favorable news will begin to wane. It should be noted that insiders are selling into the never-ending rally, and mutual funds have very little money flow coming into the funds. That, of course, is our government at work manipulating the market. Just last week insiders bought $18 million worth of shares and sold $419 million.

This to us is more proof that the stock market is the most overvalued since September 1987….

Entire Article Here

Economic Black Hole: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover

From: theeconomiccollapseblog

Even though the U.S. financial system nearly experienced a total meltdown in late 2008, the truth is that most Americans simply have no idea what is happening to the U.S. economy.  Most people seem to think that the nasty little recession that we have just been through is almost over and that we will be experiencing another time of economic growth and prosperity very shortly.  But this time around that is not the case.  The reality is that we are being sucked into an economic black hole from which the U.S. economy will never fully recover.

The problem is debt.  Collectively, the U.S. government, the state governments, corporate America and American consumers have accumulated the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world.  Our massive debt binge has financed our tremendous growth and prosperity over the last couple of decades, but now the day of reckoning is here.

And it is going to be painful.

The following are 20 reasons why the U.S. economy is dying and is simply not going to recover….

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