I love this title!

From: OpEdNews

Here is another piece written by Ron Paul, and yet again he is correct to the infinite degree. He is a regular nostradamus as far as I’m concerned, predicting nearly every major catastrophe of the last 8 years and doing so years before they occurred. He predicted the Russian/ Georgian conflict would be a possible consequence of our invasion in Iraq (check) he predicted the housing collapse (check) he predicted the implosion of the banking system clear back in the 90s (check) he predicted the Iraq war would be an endless quagmire, and on and on and on. When no one listened and his clueless fellow Republicans had the nerve to laugh at him on stage, he still spoke the truth, and once again, he has been right all along. This time about the real agenda of Barack Obama and the mindless Democrats in Congress. More elite government, more spending, more inflation, less freedom, less prosperity, and a complete disregard for the voice of the people (bailouts, anyone?)

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