One thought on “CNN: Russia Embracing Professor’s Idea that U.S. Will Break Up Into Pieces by 2010

  1. Louis Pereira


    I could agree with Mr. Panarin on a break-up of the USA, although I find it a bit difficult to happen next year or the US being carved up by foreign powers. Individual States will be very strong militarily and still possess nukes to defend themselves and implement their foreign policies against Europeans, Asians, etc… The separation or break-up of America will not be bloody. The most likely scenario will be a separation of States perhaps in 5 or ten years: California of Mr. Arnold will declare Independence, (Arnold is a citizen of Austria) Texas will do the same as it never realy accepted to be part of the US, (remember the Alamo and the Republic of Texas!) Florida is becoming more and more Hispanic and Jewish, so it is already very different from the rest of the nation. New York, New Jersey and Conn. will declare independence and become the Richest nation in the world! The rest of New England will become independent with a touch of influence by Canada that may also be divided between Ontario and Quebec. The rest of the other States may fall under the influence of bigger Former Union States.
    I do no not know if is possible to avoid such a scenario , but stronger Federal laws and centralization of Power may be necessary to stop or slow down this process! OR THE END OF OUR NATION AS IT IS TODAY, WILL BE a matter of Time.

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