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Gerald Celente: Top Trends During The Collapse of 2009 — Whole Health Healing, Quality, The Sharp Look …

From: Freedom’s Phoenix

Jim Puplava interviews Gerald Celente on the coming Collapse of 2009: Click Here to Listen

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Some of Calente’s Interesting Points:
Selected and Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• Whole health healing — People will only go to the doctor for emergencies. Gerald had Lyme disease, which he treated naturally.

• Yankee frugality — People fixing and doing things on their own. “Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, do without.”

• Quality — Cutting back on junk — foods and products of substance. Character.

• “The sharp look is going to be back in.” “The people are going to understand that if they’re going to want to get a job and move ahead, they better act sharp, be sharp and think sharp.”

• Entertainment revival. “In bad times, people want high times.” The great depression had “the happiest, hottest music this nation has ever seen.”

• Revival of mainstreet — “Live, work and shop all in the same area.” Mom and Pop stores.

College crash — “These kids, today, think they know it all.”

• Global unrest — If the war is expanded beyond Gaza to include Lebanon, Syria and maybe Iran, we’re looking at WWIII. Throw in an ‘oil shock’ on top of our economic disaster, and ouch!

“We think…the collapse is going to start happening around late February, early March.”


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  1. Walker

    There are no indications that the United States will proceed into further economic decay. There are already economic stimulus plans acting favorably to foray any upheaval of our financial system. What our great country does not need right now is someone telling us that things will get worse thus planting into our minds a certain catastrophy that will indeed justify itself in circumventing any possiblity of survival from this never before seen economic downturn.

    Our new Commander in Chief, our President of the United States, with his very carefully chosen team of brilliant leaders, will undoubtedly and painstakingly get us out of this mess. This will occur and we will see signs progress six to eight months after the economic stimulus package is passed by our congress. We do have a new administration and we have leaders who care about the future of America.

    The economic stimulus package will go into effect sometime this March and we will certainly be much happier with our economy by the time our kids go back to school next Fall.

    Every congressman and congresswoman will be working hard with our President and his team. What we must know is that they are all working for us and with us.

    I had to write this.


  2. Anonymous

    Apparently some people chose to be hopeful.
    Id rather be prepared

  3. Mac

    Walker —

    “What our great country does not need right now is someone telling us that things will get worse thus planting into our minds a certain catastrophy that will indeed justify itself in circumventing any possiblity of survival from this never before seen economic downturn.”

    maybe you should talk to the president and his team, and ask them to stop talking about the coming catastrophe then.

    I’m with Anonymous #2…. better to be prepared for SHTF

  4. Jeff Fenske


    It seems to me that the goal should be in this age of lying and deception (especially among politicians and the media) to without bias look at the facts to see what we should realistically expect, so we can and will appropriately prepare, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc., so we can be ahead of the game.

    And to the powers that be, and the spirits that control them, this is a game. But it’s not to us.

    Celente is looking at hundreds of different factors, which is why he’s been right so many times in the past. You can listen to whom ever you want to, but Gerald has the right to warn the people as to what he sees coming.

    We could have voted for Ron Paul, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But America chose to believe the media hype instead of looking at the facts.

    Celente is a reverse-liar, a truther, the opposite of what most leaders are today, even in the church.

    And deception on many fronts is one of the main reasons we’re going down. It remains to be seen how right Gerald will end up being in the timing and the degree of decline. But there is no doubt in my mind that things will get worse, not better, because of this prophecy I got in October, for those who are interested in this kind of thing. It’s wise to listen to truthers, not liars who have an agenda to sell.

    It’s not a pretty picture in one aspect, but we can have spiritual revival, a revival of integrity and true concern for one another, honesty and love in the midst of crisis. And the sooner we get our acts together, personally, the more confidently we can overcome no matter what happens.

    Most people won’t prepare if they’re not told the truth. Like the frog in the pot of slowly warming water who stays in, lulled into complacency.

    It’s time to get real Christianity going. That, to me, is the bottom line, and the main reason I do these two sites.

    Jeff Fenske

  5. Ronnie

    Actually, Celente said he had Lyme disease and treated it with antibiotics –his point was that we should balance homeopathic remedies with allopathic medicine instead of running to the doctor for every little thing, just the emergencies. Please change this on your list, it is very misleading to people.

  6. Jeff Fenske


    Nope. If you’re talking about what Gerald said a little bit past the half-way point, I think I got it exactly right. Celente is clearly anti-Big Pharma and pro “whole health healing” with natural remedies without a long list of side-effects.

    By the way, I just heard that Big Pharma brought in more money last year than all of the income taxes. They’re also the biggest political contributors/manipulators.

    The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. They kill more people than any other profession, and they work their hardest to see that people would not use natural remedies—things as simple, cheap and effective as vitamin D. It’s a travesty.

    If America was healthy, physically, maybe we wouldn’t be going down right now.

    I don’t know why, but I believe I just heard “repent,” if that means anything to you or anyone else.


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