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Alex Jones’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ FREEDOM analogy: Satan is real and is manifesting. Saruman-like elite worship Lucifer. People are literally UNDER a SPELL!

From: Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Two Towers Script

There dwells Theoden, King of Rohan, whose mind is overthrown. Saruman’s hold over King Theoden is now very strong.


Be gone!

SARUMAN’S spell is broken. THEODEN’S face begins to change, into a much younger-looking man. EOWYN rushes up to him.

I know your face. Eowyn… Eowyn. Gandalf?

Breathe the free air again, my friend.

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Alex Jones’ 4/20/09 transmission, The Alex Jones Show.

“I’m going to fight evil. That’s my duty.”

The elite do worship Lucifer. They do believe in blood sacrifice. And they do openly state in hundreds of books and hundreds of government publications and U.N. documents and state department memorandums that they plan to kill 80-99%…of humanity for Lucifer.”

“Atheists and people say, ‘I don’t believe in the Devil.’ It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the Devil or not. There are people who rule the planet who believe in the Devil.”

“Even if you don’t believe in it [the entity called the Devil], there are humans who believe in it and are manifesting it.”

Satan is real, period. Period, end of story, and it’s manifesting!

It is literally a spell people are under.”

“They are programmed to deny everything. They are in a lazy spell.

…the Lord of the Rings analogy:

Remember when the Rohanian king is like sitting there on his throne, all old, and he’s got a [?] attitude, and he can’t even get up. And then it finally gets broken, and he looks twenty years younger in a second.”

“You’re supposed to break the spell.”

– Alex Jones, infowarrior

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    Thank you for all the work your doing for Humanity, we must pray and seek the God if the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ.
    If my People called By my Name will humble themselves and pray,turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven and Heal their land.
    Please let’s All pray for our Country.

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