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2009 MAY 2 – MAY 8

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After receiving bailout with taxpayer’s money, GM to move jobs overseas. Washington Post 2009 May 8 (Cached)

Massachusetts provides free cars to welfare recipients – to help them go to work, of course. Meanwhile many taxpayers cannot afford cars. Isn’t collectivism wonderful? Boston Herald 2009 May 7 (Cached)

World Health Organization creates swine flu fear by “suggesting” that 2 billion people “could be” infected “if” the virus spreads. This, of course, is speculation, not science. Meanwhile, real infection rates are so low as to be statistically insignificant. ABC 2009 May 7 (Cached)

Harvard medical school professors are paid big bucks by Big Pharma to push medications.
Natural News 2009 May 7 (Cached)

Watch the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve evade questions about who got the bailout money and how large the losses are. As you watch, you will realize that the government is not in charge of the Fed. It’s the other way around.
2009 May 6

EU parliament approves law ensuring Internet access as a fundamental right. Read carefully and you will see that this is the usual demagoguery. Internet access and freedom of speech is guaranteed EXCEPT as limited in the name of fighting terrorism, crime hate speech, or anything else collectivist politicians decide to call anti-collectivist ideas. Nothing will change. Beta News 2009 May 6 (Cached)

Important Swine Flu update. Increasingly, people are rejecting scare tactics even though governments and Big Pharma continue their hidden agendas.
Mercola 2009 May 5 (Cached)

US: More 401(k) retirement funds are denying investors the right to withdraw their money. Why? Because they don’t have it. Government regulators, instead of sending these fund managers to prison, have approved the action – to help the economy, of course. WSJ 2009 May 5 (Cached)

US: Census workers are taking global-positioning readings of every front door. Is this just efficiency or something less praiseworthy? WNDN 2009 May 5 (Cached)

Iraq insists that U.S. leave its territory by June 1. Military says it will leave IF convinced that violence is contained. Expect a surge in violence.
2009 May 4 (Cached)

Patriot Act (so-called) being used to deny Constitutional rights to 16-year-old homeschooled student. YouTube 2009 May 4

Giant Pharma company, Merck, caught publishing a bogus peer-review medical journal to carry articles claiming false benefits of its drugs. The so-called “ethical” drug industry is deeply corrupt. bioethics 2009 May 2 (Cached)

Health products companies issue joint statement warning that nutritional supplements are not adequate to control swine flu. This could be a move to avoid law suites, but it spotlights an interesting split of opinion. Some believe that swine flu was engineered and poses a serious threat. Others say the so-called pandemic is a scare myth with few actual victims. We support a blend of both views, that it was engineered but may never become a deadly pandemic except in media headlines, which is all it needs to justify martial law and forced vaccinations. We will follow this closely and keep you informed. Natural Products Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

Amazing 3D street art. It’s hard not to believe your eyes. Edgar Meuller, artist Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

Montana Governor signs revolutionary gun-rights bill that defies federal gun-control laws. a showdown seems inevitable. Panama Legal Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

An American living in Mexico describes what it was like when the country shut down in stark fear of a flu pandemic that never happened.
2009 May 2 (Cached)

Ireland abandons electronic voting and returns to paper ballots. ars technica Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

Lou Dobbs report on CNN tells how Obama Admin. is pushing for severe gun control in the form of a treaty. Other countries would have access to names of U.S. gun owners and be able to bring charges against them. YouTube Posted 2009 May 2

Number of Americans who think global warming is caused by natural phenomena continues to outpace those who still think it is man-made. The debate is over, and Gore has lost it.
American Spectator
Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

US: After Supreme Court Justice Scalia expressed view that privacy needs no more legal protection, law school professor assigns class to get whatever private information is available for Scalia on the Internet. Scalia is outraged when they obtain his address, phone number, home value, movie preference, email, the email of his wife, and photos of grandchildren. ABA Journal Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

Proof that China’s space walk was fake.
YouTube Posted 2009 May 2

Minnesota orders Internet providers to block gambling sites. Having established their power to block gambling, what will the guardians of morality block next? You guessed it. Anything they don’t like, including political dissent. CNET Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

This documentary shows who killed ML King and why. (It was NOT James Earl Ray.) The production is biased to the Left. Most of the expert witnesses are members of Marxist/Leninist organizations, a fact that is not revealed in the film. We supported King’s demand for equality under law but opposed his demand for collectivism; and we were alarmed at his affinity to American Communists, a fact that the program downplays. Nevertheless, his murder was a heinous crime, and the truth should be known, because the group that was responsible is still in operation today. Brasscheck Posted 2009 May 2