Quotations transcribed by Jeff Fenske from The Alex Jones Show broadcast, 6/10/09

[Updated & expanded 6/14]

Ron Paul mentioned how the Chinese students laughed at Timothy Geithner, recently, when Geithner said we’re going to get things under control and reign back our spending. Paul then added:

“Well, I imagine there’s a lot of students around the country and a lot of other people, now, who just laugh at us up here in Washington.”

Paul is encouraged that he now has “209 sponsors” in Congress for his “audit the ‘Fed'” bill, a goal he’s been pushing for many years, along with his bills to abolish this privately owned cartel. But he’s not overly hopeful.

“We just have to do our best and see what happens, see if the calamity hits us before we can make some calm, deliberate decisions that make some changes. But my guess is that we’ll have the crisis before we can do that.”

Alex Jones asked: “When do you see the next big plunge downward, deeper into this globally engineered depression?” Paul responds:

“I think it’s really going down now, but the government statistics sort of are giving people a false sense of security, so I think we’re still slipping.

There will be more announcements, and more bankruptcies, and probably more commercial property problems, more states going bankrupt, and more unemployment. Then finally the euphoria on Wall Street of the last four months, it will dissipate….”

“I was impressed, the other day, that some of the news media have reported that the real rate of unemployment isn’t 9%, it’s like 18%….”

Despite the dismal facts, Ron Paul seems to be focusing on the bright side:

“I so strongly feel that if we get transparency of the Fed, and the people know what they’ve done, I think their days are numbered.”

Alex asks Paul what he expects to find if the audit does happen. Paul:

I’d be most interested in what they’ve done with the international organizations: which countries that they’ve bailed out and which central banks that they’ve helped; what they have done with gold, and whether or not they’ve loaned and sold gold, and how they manipulate markets. I would imagine they even manipulate stock market…. How they do it would be the thing.

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