Richard Belzer calls out the Federal Reserve on HBO

Great to see the real history of the Fed getting out — through a comedian who cares enough to squeeze this truth out during the pressure-filled few seconds Bill Maher will give him — before Maher leads the discussion into something safer!

Isn’t it interesting that there has not been even one documentary on the History Channel, 60 Minutes, etc. about the true history of the ‘Federal’ Reserve? Correct me if I’m wrong. Name just one time. Secretly meeting at Jeckyll Island, where they chose the deceptive name that fooled most of America (the ‘Federal’ Reserve is a privately owned banking cartel, and they don’t have many reserves). The bill that unconstitutionally authorized it was passed in 1913 after most of Congress went home for Christmas break, having been told the session was over.

The globalist elite control the textbooks and the media, but a comedian briefly breaks through! Interesting, huh?

John Kennedy may have been the last President to stand up to the puppeteers who have controlled Presidents since and many before.

There is one noteworthy exception. Some believe Ronald Reagan started out with integrity, but then when they had him shot, he fell into line. Sad.


Richard Belzer on Real Time with Bill Maher exposing the Federal Reserve plot to destroy the country and their roll in the assassination of JFK.
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