[video] Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: 9/11 Episode exposes ‘found’ black boxes

Apparently, this is the first show to air that challenges in a positive way the official story that launched two wars with probably more to come.

As a result, we also have the Constitution stripping Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, money appropriated for FEMA camps, indefinite detention; US troops can be used against Americans, etc..

And now our reputation is destroyed, worldwide — where they watch Jerry Springer, Family Guy, and the other filth we export — wondering what happened to AMERICA.

I applaud Jesse for this significant achievement! Considering that he only had 45 minutes, and a goal of the show is to be entertaining, a number of key issues aren’t discussed. It could have been more convincing (but then almost certainly it wouldn’t have been allowed to be aired) if architect Richard Gage (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) and/or professor David Ray Griffin were included. But professor Steven Jones does briefly present his important, super-thermite discovery; the black box, FBI-lying revelation is very interesting; and viewers should be wondering why was William Rodriquez’ testimony and a lot more not included in the official 9/11 Report, that David Ray Griffin has proven to be a sham?

It would have been nice to see aired a straightforward documentary that contained all of the best evidence that has been accumulated over these 8 years, including many technical papers. But this is a great start — finally. Maybe with the additional public pressure that this show will generate, the corporatocracy will be forced to allow the definitive report to be aired someday, especially before the next war is launched!

And maybe, someday, FOX News will be seen for what they really are, for they have a 9/11 truth blackout, labelling truthers ‘pinheads,’ ‘idiots’ and America haters — when just the opposite is true.

Way to go, Jesse!

– Jeff

Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: 9/11 Episode exposes ‘found’ black boxes

The second episode of Jesse Ventura’s new Conspiracy Theory series focuses on the 9/11 attacks, talking with victim’s family members and Ground Zero eyewitnesses. This includes first responder Mike Bellone, who claims to have seen the recovery of one of four ‘blackboxes’, containing flight recordings– which the FBI claims were never found.







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