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2010 JANUARY 2 – 8

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US: Glenn Beck says that concern over Obama’s birthplace is “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” and says that those who think he is not a U.S. citizen are conspiracy nuts. His role as a controlled opposition leader is becoming more obvious. WND 2010 Jan 8 (Cached)

UN: WHO advisor on vaccines secretly accepted over 4 million Euros from Big Pharma. This was recovered many times over by global sales of flu vaccine that followed WHO announcement of the non-existent pandemic. Mercola 2010 Jan 7 (Cached)

Obama, in a Public-Private Partnership with Intel, will spend over $250 million to propagandize elementary school teachers.  Intel supports the Copenhagen convention (world government based on the model of collectivism), and the global warming fraud. InfoWars 2010 Jan 7 (Cached)

UK: Police are told not to talk about crime rate in public so as not to alarm people or cause loss of confidence in government. Daily Mail 2010 Jan 7 (Cached)

US: Second wave of real estate collapse just beginning. This 60-Minute TV segment has been taken off the Internet several times, so catch it while you can. Brasscheck 2010 Jan 6

France: New law will criminalize shouting at a spouse.  Imagine the time and resources that will be wasted on this collectivist intrusion into personal relationships. Telegraph 2010 Jan 6 (Cached)

US: War correspondent, Michael Yon, is detained, interrogated, and handcuffed at Seattle airport for refusing to answer personal questions about his income. Yon says: “If we don’t stand up to them, they will continue to infringe on our rights.”
Infowars 2010 Jan 6 (Cached)

Houston police are testing unmanned drones with spy camera equipment. Officials say they will be used to protect citizens from terrorism but admit they also will have “tactical” applications. That means anything they want it to mean. Expect other cities to follow suit. Freedoms Phoenix 2009 Jan 6

Prescription drug side-effects blamed for 20% of hospital re-admissions. Natural News 2010 Dec 5 (Cached)

Study finds antidepressants ineffective except for extreme cases of depression – and in those cases, the so-called beneficial effect is that patients are heavily sedated. Non-drug therapies are far superior. MSNBC 2010 Jan 5 (Cached)

Update on Icelandic bail-out: After being heavily petitioned by voters, Iceland’s president vetoes bill to bail out foreign investors. Times Online 2009 Jan 5 (Cached)

US: Government considers ID-Taser bracelets to track passengers at airports and to “immobilize” them if necessary for “security” reasons. Listen to “expert” spin the concept to make it sound like a good idea — for our protection, of course.
2009 Dec 4

US: FEMA requires tens of thousands of California homeowners to buy flood insurance even though there is only 1% chance of flood in areas designated as flood zones. This is not to protect homeowners but to help insurance companies cover their risk.
LA Times
2010 Jan 4 (Cached)

US: 17,000 potentially harmful chemicals in commercial products are protected by obscure law that allows manufacturers to keep ingredients a secret if disclosure “could harm their bottom line.” Now FDA, which has supported this policy, will pretend to investigate. Do not expect serious change. Washington Post & Raw Story 2010 Jan 4 (Cached)

US: 92% of TARP recipients still have same management that presided over the meltdown. Government has power as co-owner to insist on new management, but they are all cronies. Huffington Post 2010 Jan 4 (Cached)

US: In spite of new bankruptcy laws that make it more difficult to obtain release from debt, filings rise 32%, making 2009 the seventh-worst year on record — and the trend continues upward. WSJ 2010 Jan 4 (Cached)

US: Parents are arrested in New York state for failure to register their home-schooled children with the school district for and failure to obtain approval of what they teach. Notice in this report that no one questions the right of the state to do this. Under collectivism, children belong to the state.
CBS Albany 2009 Jan 4 (Cached)

UK: Full-body scanners to be gradually introduced at Heathrow Airport despite experts questioning their effectiveness in detecting explosives.
Guardian 2010 Jan 3 (Cached)

France: 94 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine were purchased for a population of 62 million people, but only 5 million accepted the vaccine. The government now is trying to sell the balance. That will be difficult because most of the world now knows that the pandemic scare was a hoax. BBC 2010 Jan 3 (Cached)

New Zealand: Government now has power to monitor all private communication by email and phones. The impetus comes from US agencies urging surveillance standardization. Police say that those not breaking the law have nothing to fear but are silent on fact that anyone now can be said to be breaking some law, especially political dissidents. Sunday Star Times 2010 Jan 3 (Cached)

Harvard takes it back and now says swine flu was oversold to the public. Mercola 2010 Jan 2 (Cached)

US: FBI and Eyewitness accounts of attempted Christmas day bombing of Northwest flight 253 do not mesh. FBI now admits its report was false. The whole truth may still be concealed. Primary witness says: “I just want them to look into our claims. Our story has been the same since Day One, because we are telling the truth. This is the FBI’s fourth story.” WND 2010 Jan 2 (Cached)

Iceland: 23% of voters petition president to veto a bill that would take $5 billion of tax dollars to bail out foreign investors who lost money in Iceland banks. Why would the government pass such a bill? Because that is a condition of receiving generous loans from the IMF. Who cares about taxpayers? Reuters 2010 Jan 2 (Cached)

US: Publisher of International Forecaster says banks have been told by Fed to prepare a safe storage are for delivery of new money within the next 12 months. Old dollars will be devalued and exchanged. YouTube Posted 2010 Jan 2

No rise of airborne carbon dioxide in past 150 years, new research finds. Science Daily Posted 2010 Jan 2 (Cached)

US: Penalty for being married is discovered in new health-care proposal. Is this accidental or merely another collectivist assault on traditional family life? Citizen Link Posted 2009 Jan 2 (Cached)

New Hampshire legislators introduce bill to nullify federal gun-control laws. Would make it a felony for federal agents to violate citizen gun-ownership rights. This would raise the bar for the growing 10th Amendment movement. 10th Amendment Center Posted 2010 January 2. (Cached)

US: Pilots-for-9/11-Truth examines black-box data from Flight 77 (the plane that is said to have hit the Pentagon) and discovers that the cockpit door was never opened during the flight. If so, hijackers could not have taken control.
Rock Creek Free Press
Posted 2010 Jan 2 (Cached)

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