MSNBC attempts to ambush Ron Paul like they did to Rand Paul. Rachel passes the baton at the start. Ron does well, despite the maltreatment.

MSNBC Attempts to Ambush Ron Paul

Kurt Nimmo
October 14, 2010

It is yet another example of how the corporate media will lie and break agreements in order to accomplish its overarching mission — to denigrate and tear down any political candidate who will endeavor to break the stranglehold of mega-corporations and banks over the political life of the nation.



Earlier in the week Texas Republican Ron Paul ventured into enemy territory when he agreed to appear on the Lawrence O’Donnell show on MSNBC, the same network that ambushed his son and attempted to portray him as a member of the Ku Klux Klan opposed to the Civil Rights Act. The corporate media immediately took its cue from the Maddow “interview” — actually a drive-by attempt at character assassination — and ran back-to-back segments designed to make Paul out to be a racist. The wife of former Federal Reserve mob boss Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell, declared the attempt to destroy Ran Paul was “a game changing interview.” It was nothing of the sort. Rand Paul leads the race in Kentucky.

David Gregory of “Meet the Press” called Rand’s comments “pretty far out view even for those on the right” and professional character assassin Chris Matthews went on “Leno” to bash Paul as “a philosopher and philosophers shouldn’t run for office.”

Instead of philosophers, we get a lickspittles for the establishment.

Matthews’ job is to steer people away from the fact that Obama and the Democrats are no different than Bush and the Republicans. Both work for the banksters. Both support forever war and the ongoing effort to erect pyres of dead bodies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon enough Iran.

Is it any wonder Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell has refused to be interviewed by the establishment media after it dredged up and ancient video clip and attempted to make her out as a witch?

If you doubt MSNBC is a cheerleader for mass murder in far away lands, consider the fact the network dropped Jesse Ventura like a rock back in 2003 when he dared oppose the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. They canceled “Jesse Ventura’s America” in response to his principled opposition. Obviously, Jesse is too much of a philosopher for MSNBC, a network owned by General Electric. GE is one of the world’s top three producers of jet engines, supplying Boeing, Lockheed Martin and other military aircraft makers for the powering of airplanes and helicopters that kill brown people in “rogue states.”

Lawrence O’Donnell’s lecturing Ron Paul on “freedom” — as mandated by government at gunpoint — is hypocrisy at its worst.

The CIA infiltrated corporate media is not a purveyor of freedom and liberty. It is a slick, multi-billion dollar propaganda apparatus designed to trick people into support the establishment and its foreign wars. The false right-left paradigm exercised 24/7 on the corporate media networks is a distraction. It is a slight of hand devised to distract people as the ruling elite roll out their global slave and surveillance grid.

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