Those who say Lisa is more honest than Joe ignore reality

From: The Alaska Standard

Those who say Lisa is more honest than Joe ignore reality

By Bob Griffin
Alaska Standard Contributor


What Joe Miller did with the computers while employed at the North Slope Borough was wrong. It was stupid. He lied and owned up to it only when he was confronted. I’m very disappointed by his bad behavior. But c’mon, 43 years on planet earth, with the level of scrutiny Joe has endured, and this is the worst they can come up with? This needs some perspective.


Lisa Murkowski has been a key contributor to the generational theft that our nation is committing against our children and grandchildren. Each child born in the US today is saddled with over $45,000 of debt as their share of the National Debt and up to $75,000 by 2020. Instead of vowing to help reverse this trend, Lisa is eagerly campaigning on the principle of putting our children deeper in hock, promising more “free stuff” as a means of keeping her grip on power.



Other integrity issues:

·         Promising to accept the will of the voters in the primary.

·         Taking four months to join the repeal movement for Obamacare.

·         The Kenai land deal.

·         Not disclosing her husband’s finances.

·         Personal and family gain from TARP

·         Taking credit and “cutting the ribbon” for projects she voted against.

·         Selling herself as a conservative during the primary.

·         Selling herself as a liberal during the general election.

·         Pretending Social Security and other entitlement programs aren’t

broken and in urgent need of reform.

·         Voting for taxpayer funded abortions and denying it.

·         Co-Sponsoring Climate Change legislation and denying it.

·         Publishing outrageous distortions of Joe Miller’s stand on the issues.

And the list goes on….

Lisa has shown a clear pattern of dishonest behavior and clear pattern refusing to take responsibility for that behavior. It’s hard to believe that Lisa thinks she has any moral high-ground available to criticize Joe Miller for using computers at work.

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  1. Rich


    I haven’t heard from you in awhile and now I see what you are up to!! Tell me how you feel about Lisa!! HAHA! I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for the election to be over. I hardly turn on the radio while in my truck or when the TV is on I mute the commercials cause I’m sick of it all.

    SO what is the latest?

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