Radio Flyer car turns heads on Alaska streets — “The one thing we both enjoy about the car is just the smiles it puts on people’s faces”

radio flyer car

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[youtube=]Radio Flyer car turns heads on streets

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Had to post it here so that I could get it on Facebook…. The news channel’s video player wouldn’t support it. It really is AWESOME. LOL! 🙂

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A Valley couple took a childhood memory and turned it into a retirement project. Now, they have a Radio Flyer car to drive around town in.

Fred Keller and Judy Foster worked on the car for 11 months, and finished in August of this year, and their ride has been turning heads.

The base of the wagon is a 1976 Mazda pickup truck that Foster inherited from her dad.

The vehicle turns heads everywhere they go.

“I think the words I hear the most often is ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’ or people go by and give us a ‘hi’ sign,” Foster said.

The wheels are made from hub caps and detergent bottles, and the steering wheel is the actual wheel from a wagon. The handle rises eight feet high.


[youtube=]Alaska Couple Builds Red Wagon for Grownups

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Judy Foster and Fred Keller spent more than a year turning their old pick-up truck into an adult-size Radio Flyer wagon. The Alaska couple says their homemade convertible draws lots of stares out on the road, and some admirers. (Oct. 12)

From: Orange County Register

Alaska couple converts pickup into Radio Flyer car

“They wave at us, they honk at us, they give us a ‘Hi’ sign, a thumbs up. They congregate around us when we park,” she said.

Sometimes people follow them for blocks, waiting for them to pull over to get a closer look.

Both Foster and Keller had Radio Flyer wagons growing up – she in Kansas, he in Kentucky. For them, the childhood memories came flooding back in the monthslong conversion project.

Keller says he and his four siblings used to pull each other in their wagon, and he’d sometimes even hook it up to a “lawn mower and things of that nature to get some extra fun,” he said.

And now, when people see their giant wagon rolling down the street, it brings back their own childhood memories.

“It’s just really happy memories, it seems like,” Foster said. …

So it will go into winter storage, but the couple already has big plans for when warmer weather and community parades return.

“We’re going to be having a blast with it,” he said. “The one thing we both enjoy about the car is just the smiles it puts on people’s faces.”

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