“Peace Through Strength”: Where’s the Peace?

And this doesn’t list our numerous
covert military operations

and government overthrows.

* * *

From: DailyPaul.com…

Peace through strength is that term prodded out by the interventionists, essentially calling forth a massive military establishment to promote peace. It has been generally used since the Reagan administration and is still in use today, primarily by the neoconservatives. My contention is this argument does not hold true. As Andrew Bacevich has stated, “[A] belief in the efficacy of military power almost inevitably breeds the temptation to put that power to work. ‘Peace through strength’ easily enough becomes ‘peace through war.'”

In proving the “peace through strength” statement false, I want to list all our military engagements since the Reagan administration.

1. Beirut—1982-1984
2. Grenada—1983
3. Panama—1989-1990
4. Persian Gulf War—1990-1991
5. No-Fly Zones—1991-2003
6. Somalia—1992-1993
7. IFOR—1995-1996
8. Yugoslavia—1999
9. War on Terror—2001-present
10. Afghanistan—2001-present
11. Philippines—2002
12. Iraq—2003-present
13. 2004 Haitian rebellion
14. Libya—2011-?

Where’s the Peace?

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