Alex Jones Tv: FBI Drove Ernest Hemingway to Suicide!

[youtube=]FBI Drove Ernest Hemingway to Suicide! – Alex Jones Tv

Uploaded by on Jul 5, 2011

Jon Swaine
The Telegraph
July 5, 2011

AE Hotchner said he believed the FBI’s monitoring of the Nobel Prize-winning author, over suspicions of his links to Cuba, “substantially contributed to his anguish and his suicide” 50 years ago.

Hotchner wrote in The New York Times that he had “regretfully misjudged” his friend’s fears of federal investigators, which were dismissed as paranoid delusions for years after his death.

In 1983 the FBI released a 127-page file it had kept on Hemingway since the 1940s, confirming he was watched by agents working for J. Edgar Hoover, who took a personal interest in his case…

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