[audio] George Freund: Criminality in government and mainstream media — child enslavement — Piers Morgan, Rupert Murdoch…

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Canadian talk host George Freund of Conspiracy Café joins Joyce with a very different perspective and analysis, from that of mainstream news reporting, to provide his thoughts, comments and warnings on the world hottest news items. One of his interesting topics today will be about mind control and child enslavement.
Website: http://www.conspiracy-cafe.org
Listen to George every Thursday at 8:00pm live on: http://www.ThatChannel.com
Listen to host George Freund’s Podcast: http://thatradio.podhoster.com/index.php?sid=1746

TPH regularly monthly farm reporter DOREEN HANNES provides the latest threats by government agencies to farming, gardening, and natural food consumers.  Clearly, “We the People” are under assault – paid for and funded by our very own tax dollars. These assaults are clearly motivated by Fortune 500 corporations, who want to control 100% of profits driven in their direction, via their lobbying efforts of elected officials who have greatly infringed upon and sold your God-given Rights’.

Today’s EBlast includes topic related recommended articles:
Missouri law includes vegetables in definition of garbage feeding
 * NaturalNews publishes Rawesome Foods raid search warrant; reveals government agents violated search guidelines
Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Protect Raw Milk Sellers
Farmers For Ron Paul
Massive public protest announced against government-sponsored terrorism of Rawesome Foods in California
Trio of Los Angeles raw food advocates reportedly charged with raw milk conspiracy
Rawesome Food raid videos begin to emerge from the scene where federal terrorists vandalized raw milk business

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August 08, 2011 (hour 1) – News LIVE with Joyce Riley
August 08, 2011 (hour 2) – Guest George Freund
August 08, 2011 (hour 3) – Guest Doreen Hannes

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