[ audio ] Brian Wilson with Katherine Albrecht: Why Rush Limbaugh is so full of himself and why he sets his attack dogs on Ron Paul

Hour 2 is the discussion about Rush Limbaugh, etc.

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Sat., September 03, 2011

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Brian Wilson // The National Debt // Ron Paul // Lew Rockwell //

Katherine has a fascinating hour discussion with Brian Wilson, noted radio program director, long time talk show host, and contributor to Lew Rockwell about the national debt and the media’s treatment of Ron Paul.

Brian Wilson

Debt Debate Definitions: Your Guide Through the Current Manufactured Madness

Rush Limbaugh Sets His Attack Dogs on Ron Paul

A Ron Paul Presidency

Monkey-Wrenching the Gears of Government

Brian Wilson Archives on Lew Rockwell

Lew Rockwell


Rush Limbaugh: NOT America’s Moral Compass — 2009, not married, detained with Viagra — “I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it.” Ha, ha, ha…


[DISGUSTING Rush Limbaugh!] Faux Conservatives Smear Ron Paul Ahead Of Iowa Run In — Limbaugh suggests anyone but Ron Paul can beat Obama when exact opposite is true

Alex Jones: Rush Limbaugh’s job was to keep you asleep while the NWO was being built. He acts like a patriot just enough to fool the people because he’s “a creature of the New World Order”

Jack Hunter: Who’s really destroying the Republican Party? — Limbaugh says listening to Ron Paul will destroy the GOP. But Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush already did that. If conservatism is to survive, Rush needs to start listening to Ron — and so does the rest of the Republican Party

Alex Jones calls out Rush Limbaugh — It’s NOT OKAY to murder civilians in war. Limbaugh distorts history to push our REVERSE-CHRISTIAN warmongering! The true history of war. We have become brutes!

Alex Jones: The Ron Paul Tipping Point — Rush Limbaugh concerned that Ron Paul will destroy their precious neocon warmongering party

QUIZ: Which part of Rush Limbaugh’s brain does he tie behind his back? | Where is the fear of God in America?

Rush Limbaugh Censors Mention Of Prison Planet From His Own Archives

[Good overview – Alex Jones standing up for what is right!] Limbaugh and Beck also demonizing Ron Paul because he’s a major front runner and they’re establishment lackeys — “Don’t look back later and wish that the old propaganda of ‘He can’t win’ kept you from voting for Ron Paul and supporting him.”

Mark Dice slams Rush Limbaugh on 9/11 cover-up, upon which Rush, seated on his lofty throne, calls 9/11 truthers “stupid idiots” — though he won’t allow listeners to even hear Charlie Sheen’s fact-based questions

Limbaugh Says He Won’t Get Vaccine Because a Democrat Told Him To

Not funny: Barack Obama laughs at Wanda Sykes “joke” about wanting Rush Limbaugh dead

“I Hope His Kidneys Fail” — Wanda Sykes Wishing Evil on Rush Limbaugh — President Obama Laughs

Sick! Limbaugh on Obama’s “teased relentlessly…about my big ears” comment: “we need to give him a new name, like Dumbo”

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