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Civil rights group adopts resolution opposing water fluoridation


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
September 17 – The days of artificial water fluoridation truly are numbered, and this has been made even more evident by yet another prominent group that has come out in strong opposition to the heinous practice. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), a truth about fluoride advocacy group…

Uncovered emails reveal Obama administration knew Solyndra was risky, lied to public


By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
September 17 – The legitimacy of the Obama administration’s green energy initiatives has been called into serious question after California-based solar technology company Solyndra, which received more than $535 million in taxpayer-funded loans, went belly-up just days ago (http://www…

Another mass die-off: Millions of fish found dead in China


By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
September 17 – Two days before the massive 9.0+ magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, millions of dead fish were found mysteriously blanketing waters at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif. (http://www.naturalnews.com/031645_dead_fish_Redondo_Beach.html). And…

Discover an obscure, inexpensive, easy to use tasty superfood – arugula


By Paul Fassa
September 17 – There is another cancer preventing cruciferous vegetable that few know about. It is perfect for salads or pesto. Uncooked, the nutrients and enzymes are preserved. It’s a green called arugula. Arugula’s health benefits exceed most other greens. Unlike most cruciferous…

Learn the secrets of sustained, vibrant health in Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s new book ‘Super Immunity’


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
September 17 – Individuals who constantly worry about “catching” whatever new illness is going around from their coworkers or family members, or who become sick so often themselves that they routinely have to rely on conventional medicine just to survive daily life, are missing the…

Natural Infection Control


By Mark Sircus., AC, OMD
September 17 – It is time again for the World Health Organization and organized medicine to start scaring us again with both the bird flu and new forms of influenza. Whether these are real or just imagined threats conjured up to scare people there are many intensify infectious threats…

Try these simple lighting tips for better sleep


By Elizabeth Walling
September 17 – At first it’s hard to believe that what light bulbs we use and where our lights are positioned can have a profound effect on our sleep. But it’s true. Our biology is made to be highly sensitive to the lighting around us. In nature, lighting changes with the days, the…

Horizon organic milk fraudulently marketed, charges Cornucopia Institute


By PF Louis
September 17 – The Cornucopia Institute, based out of Cornucopia, Wisconsin, is dedicated to preserving smaller family farms that adhere to organic food standards. They also monitor and police larger agricultural enterprises who promote themselves as organic. The institute serves to…

TSA-style full body pat-downs coming to an NFL stadium near you


By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
September 17 – It is something that we here at NaturalNews have repeatedly warned our readers was coming, and that is now unfolding right before our eyes. In seeming accordance with the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) total human control and monitoring agenda, the US National…

US Constitution not applicable to veterans: Those unable to pay child support can end up jailed without trial


By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
September 17 – Delinquent U.S. parents who fail to pay court-ordered child support, regardless of their circumstances, are not subject to the same constitutional protections as those charged with violating other laws. Even war veterans who have faithfully fulfilled their child support…

Ensure you are not deficient in this critical nutrient vitamin B12


By Dr. David Jockers
September 17 – One of the most critical but overlooked vitamins in the world is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body. It is crucial for processes such as DNA synthesis and energy production. B12 deficiencies are a hidden epidemic in our society…

Affordable ‘tiny houses’ offer innovative, compact living solutions for as little as $16,000


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
September 17 – The old adage “less is more” just might have some profound truth in it after all, at least according to Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Since 1997, Shafer has comfortably lived in a tiny 89 square foot home made of high quality, environmentally friendly…

Try natural delicious coconut products and recipes


By Fleur Hupston
September 17 – Many people are wheat intolerant or simply prefer alternatives to wheat flour, such as rice flour or rye flour. Coconut flour provides an excellent alternative to wheat flour for baking and cooking. In addition, other products of the coconut such as oil and milk help…

Simple and Beautiful Medicine


By Mark Sircus., AC, OMD
September 17 – Medicine can be practiced in a simple and beautiful way. Because life is going to be getting much more difficult, and allopathic medicine much more unaffordable, we need to go back and embrace simpler less technologically heavy medicine. One day in a doctor’s life…

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