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[video] David Icke Wembley Arena: Agenda 21 | Monsanto 2012 | Eugenics | The Rockefellers — Human race Get off Your Knees!

“Americans are awash with genetically modified food…,
and the impact on American health is cata-bloody-strophic!”

– David Icke

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[youtube=]David Icke – Wembley Arena Agenda 21 Monsanto 2012 [HD] LIVE @ London

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David Icke – Remember Who You Are – Agenda 21 Monsanto –
Wembley Arena London 2012 [HD] LIVE

Human race Get off Your Knees!


[video] Bev Harris on Election Fraud 2012: The Gov't Choosing Itself


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  1. Excellent video. David Icke at his best and that’s pretty great.
    Thanks for the enlightenment David, Earth Protector is on-board.
    Leslie Davis 612-529-5253
    Earth Protector, Inc.

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