The salacious 'other' life of TV's most beloved WITCH: Tell-all book reveals how Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery cast a spell over America's most famous bad boys

Hollywood’s subtle introduction to witchcraft: power-over, people cursing people — back in the day.
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“As the star of the classic TV sitcom Bewitched, actress Elizabeth Montgomery could get anything she desired with just a magical twitch of her nose.”

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2 thoughts on “The salacious 'other' life of TV's most beloved WITCH: Tell-all book reveals how Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery cast a spell over America's most famous bad boys

  1. russ hook

    Beth was a MKed Monarch sex slave like many other “stars”. This is way too much info for most of you though, who suffer from your own form of mind control.

    1. I never heard that, and I’ve studied mind-control quite a bit. I also can’t find clear evidence for this on the web. But this wouldn’t surprise me.
      My main interest in this is how subtle the Devil introduced people-cursing-people into the average Americans’ mind-set.
      Many people, including ‘Christians’ and especially pastors, pray controlling prayers (James-3 curses) on people. Perhaps ‘Bewitched’ was part of how Americans learned how to manipulate others through actively wishing others to do or not do something.
      If these ‘prayers’ are not God’s will, evil spirits will be dispatched. Many are subsequently demonized, because hardly anyone is walking in perfect love, so the evil spirits cannot affect them.
      I remember watching ‘Bewitched’ when I was young. The cursing aspect didn’t appeal to me, but I’m sure it was there. More recently, I saw just one episode of ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,’ in which Robby Benson was sitting next to ‘Sabrina’ at an ice skating event. Sabrina thought Robby liked the young lady skating, so she twitched her nose (or something – I forget) and the young skater fell on the ice.
      Harry Potter also wishes evil on people. Here he uses uses magic to get back at his cousin, Dudley. It’s all so cute and totally demonic. Teaching children how to curse —

      It’s now 10-11 years later and we see Harry waking up in a closet under the stairs. This is his room. His family (aunt, uncle , And cousin) don’t treat him with respect so they make him live under the stairs. Harry gets up and is forced to make breakfast for Dudley’s (his cousin) birthday. Later on they go to the zoo and are in the reptile section. Dudley is looking at a snake that’s not even moving. Dudley gets angry and wants to look at the next reptile. Harry sits down in front of the snake. He talks to the snake and it seems to understand him. Dudley sees this and runs over to the glass shouting something like, “Daddy, Harry got it to move!” He shoves Harry out of the way and leans against the glass. All of a sudden the glass disappears and Dudley falls into the “cage” screaming. The snake leaves the zoo telling Harry thanks. His Uncle Vernon knows this has something to do with Harry so once he gets home he locks Harry in his closet.

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