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[audio] Steve Quayle on 'Coast to Coast AM' 12/15/12: The proverbial 'end game' of the global elite as foretold in the Bible has arrived — The globalists see gun control in America as a key step towards fulfilling their plan


In the first half, author and researcher, Steve Quayle, discussed the coming worst-case scenarios approaching the world and how they are all interrelated. “We’re in a time period like no other in the history of the world,” he declared, warning that the proverbial ‘end game’ of the global elite, as foretold in the Bible, has arrived. He cited the amplified violence in society, manipulation of the world’s economy, and extreme weather being controlled by HAARP as indicators of this agenda to take over the planet. According to Quayle, “UN globalists” see gun control in America as a key step towards fulfilling their plan and he claimed that “four star, active duty generals in special operations” have told him that there are nearly 400,000 NATO troops already in the United States.

Quayle also shared chilling details about the secret plans for FEMA camps in America. He cited a whistle blower from the EPA who told him “the real purpose of a lot of it.” Quayle explained that there is a “red list” of people who are “deemed incorrigible” and includes talk show hosts, gun owners, veterans, and “people who are outspoken.” These unfortunate souls, he said, are to be “terminated within the first 30 days” and, thus, will not end up in FEMA camps. The “blue list” are law enforcement and military personnel who carry out the plans for the people on the “red list.” Finally, there are those on the “green list,” who will reside in FEMA camps and are reeducated to be turned into “techno-serfs” for the global elite.

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[youtube=]Coast To Coast AM Tribulations Overpopulation With Steve Quayle 12 15 2012 – YouTube


[10-minute video] Dr. Nick Begich: The Technologies of Mind Control — MK-Ultra Continues — Mass Shootings etc.


Congressman Ron Paul Introduced Legislation in 2011 to Protect School Children from Mass Murderers


  1. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as and commented:
    Na ką, fašizmo nuotaikos JAV valdžios sluoksniuose sustiprėjo po neseniai įvykdytų žmogžudysčių, kurias įvykdė ir paskui nusižudė psichotropinių vaistų apsiriję autizmu sergantys jauni žmonės nesugebėję atskirti realybės nuo virtualios tikrovės. JAV šia proga suskato stiprinti ginklų kontrolę – kažkur girdėta, ar ne? Taip, savo laiku tiek į valdžią patekus “Trečiojo reicho” kūrėjams Vokietijoje, tiek “šviesaus socializmo rytojaus” statytojams Rusijoje, lygiai kaip ir Švyturistane “iškovojus nepriklausomybę” (JAV surežisuota ‘trispalvė revoliucija’) pirmiausia buvo nuginkluota tauta.
    O kas buvo po to – žinome tiek, kiek mums pasakojo senoliai bei tiek, kiek spaudos leidiniai ir kiti išlikę rašytiniai šaltiniai leidžia susidaryti bendrą vaizdą; taip sakant žinom kur lokiai žiemojo… Globalistai panikuoja dėl masinio politinio aktyvumo visame pasaulyje ir pačiose užzombiuotose JAV, tad paleidžia suktis pirmuosius pragaro ratus. Ar iš to nekils pilietinis karas JAV viduje parodys laikas.

  2. Excellent talk truth will set you free so few are free or care to be free

  3. Anonymous

    Well, fascism sentiment intensified U.S. government circles since the recent murders that have performed and then committed suicide psychotropic drugs apsiriję young people with autism fail to

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