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[video] 5200 PENTAGON Employees PURCHASED CHILD Pornography! — Investigation was dropped!

Our military is sick to the core. But what can we expect when we order and pay them to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including children?

In their guilt, they look for a high to try to feel good, even to the point of paying for illegal child porn. What else are they doing to try to feel good?

And the government is so corrupt they stopped the investigation.

The only way to appease a guilty conscience, to feel fully good is to truly repent — become right with God and all people. Jesus will forgive any sin, but only if we sincerely and fully repent, asking  forgiveness.


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[youtube=!]5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story)

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2011

Former Marine Colonel’s Wife: Sleeping With The Enemy — Kay Griggs Talks About Sexual Perversion Deep Within the Highest Levels of U.S. Military and Government, Military Assassin Squads, Drug Running, and Illegal Weapon Deals — “Why are Good People Silent?”


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  1. I have zero tolerance for anything like that but I would want to be very sure that it was what it appeared to be. It seems possible that bright people would not use their real contact information and credit cards for this kind of thing. It is especially odd that many people would do it at the same time.
    It should be properly investigated..I also forgot to mention that the civilian DoD employee that was under the rape investigation was also my supervisor. That made it much harder. My wife and I knew the Japanese victim because I used to be friends with my supervisor before all that happened. It’s a long story and I can’t divulge all the details obviously but when I read this story and the DoD IG final report regarding this same story which is posted on line it really reminded me of my situation. Then you see things like the Benghazi issue. Then again we have to remember that the government is ran by people who are just as capable of making mistakes and of wrong doing as anyone else. So therefore we shouldn’t be afraid of the truth and they shouldn’t hide from the truth either regardless of how embarrassing it might be. Otherwise these kind of issues will get worse if those responsible for guarding the guards don’t do their jobs properly or look the other way when convenient.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me at all. The DCIS didn’t have the resources because those resources are often misused. DoD criminal investigative activities are regularly misused. They are often used to carry out witch hunts on behalf of Senior DoD officials with their own agendas. Mean while real criminals get away with their actions. I read other articles regarding project flicker that indicate through reliable information that many of the people involved in the child porn were in fact senior DoD officials. This is shameful. The DoD clearly let this fall thru the cracks and didn’t do much about it. They just kind of “went thru the motions” giving the appearance that something was being done. I read a redacted copy of a DoD IG final report of investigation on this matter and it was pretty much a joke as far as action taken. They did of course identify a few “fall guys” that went to jail but the evidence was so strong in those few cases that they couldn’t ignore it. One of the subjects that was identified involved in this was a Navy Captain (O-6). Nothing was done to him. They didn’t even try.

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