[video] Alex Jones: Real Heavy-Duty European Royalty History — "America was born out of hating this. … We are the best there's ever been. And now we're going in the opposite direction. And the traders and the globalist media, everywhere, badmouth our country, our forebearers and the 2nd Amendment, because they're bringing us back into slavery."

Heavy-duty real history starts at minute-11[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7FxUuD_dl0]Staged Syrian Chemical Weapons Threat Exposed

Published on Jan 28, 2013

Alex runs down the hacked emails indicative of an imminent staged Syrian chemical weapons attack, the likes of which would pave the way for military intervention, but more importantly would constitute a serious war crime. Meanwhile in the U.S., no excuse is needed for military intervention, as was apparent in downtown Miami last week where yet another “training exercise” took place boasting Blackhawk helicopters and machine guns firing blank rounds…unbeknownst to civilians. Alex also covers CNN host Piers Morgan’s concession of defeat to the NRA in the face of Senator Feinstein’s flopping gun control bill. Alex also covers other major news items and takes your calls.

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